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Hi cranberry. For admob the option for "Overlap=No" does not work with latest admob cordova plugin. The banner will sit at the middle of the screen even if I selected show at the bottom-center.

Previous admob phonegap plugin does not has this bug.


Now after the PonySDK bugs has been fixed. Now I don't see any stats regarding my games revenue. What happen ? Please bring back my stats.


When I logged into my account I keep getting PonySDK error. Therefore I cant view any stats of my game anymore. What is going on? When will you guys fix this ?


Sang Si Kwon

Can you add Adcolony plugins to your package ?
Vungle is great but Adcolony actually paid you when user completed watching the video.
So I was thinking maybe when the game is over, we can let the user to skip a level by watching an ads from Adcolony. After the video is over maybe an event will be triggered and user can resume next level.

Adcolony forces 30 seconds video but will paid when user watches it.

What do you think ?


Mr Sang Ki Kwon, I just noticed that there is quite a lot of IAP hacks available on the net (for IOS and Android and even MacOSX IAP). Did you do or have any plans to blocks all those fake productID or method to block them. I believed ludei did try to block some of the fake productid but not sure if they are successful or not.

This really worries me... Kinda down and low motivation when I read that it is really easy to jailbreak or root and hack the IAP nowadays..

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Hey Guys,
I was testing my quintus game using Cocoon JS Launcher.
I tried converting my game and here are the few issues I have faced.
1) The CocoonJS launcher fails to load the game, if we are using TMX file for any levels.
2) The UI.Buttons does not work with CocoonJS, the click event is not recognized.
Does anybody has come up with this issues and solutions for it.
It will be very much helpful.
Thanks :)

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This is one of my HTML5 games, wrapped with CocoonJS and is using Clay.Io api for the leaderboards.

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Here are my games available for licensing.

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I have just released my latest game,  Fish Mania. This game was mostly inspired from the game play like Ant Smasher. But I have added some twist to the game, hopefully make it fun. Like my previous game this game is developed using Construct 2. The assets i...
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