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Nexus 4 with only 1hr 11min of screen on time but still....... :O 

Lag getting worse.

I've seen plenty of mention around the web of people experiencing lag on their Nexus 7. Hell.... some guy is even profiting from it with the Seeder app on the Play Store.

So what is +Google and +Nexus doing to address the issue? I sometimes have to wait a few minutes before bringing mine out of sleep before I can use it properly.

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Please re-share. 

Do you run/have access to a website? Please consider a banner to find April Jones.

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I lol'd
The community on Google+, the Commoogle would have made him less lonely!
Just jumping on the bandwagon with this iPhone one, whilst Commoogling
with +George Sepich +Linda Dee and +takashi hasegawa
#iphone5   #apple   #applemaps

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If only it were admissible.
Apple... profiting from stolen ideas since 1976

#BuyAndroid   #SAMSUNG   #BoycottApple   #CRapple   #DontBeEvil  

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Old guy ain't gonna take no more crap...comes out shooting. Not sure he can claim self defence though.
71-year-old man shoots Internet cafe robbers. Is that good or bad?

A surveillance video was posted on YouTube this week, showing two armed crooks (one had a bat, the other a gun) holding up an Internet cafe in Marion, Florida. A few seconds into their robbery, 71-year-old Samuel Williams pulls out a legally registered and legally carried handgun, and starts popping caps into their asses. 

Everyone survived. The robbers were later arrested, and Williams was not charged. 

Does this event support the idea that conceal-carry permits are a good idea, and thwart crime?
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