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CafeTran Espresso
The feature rich CAT tool that is fun to use.
The feature rich CAT tool that is fun to use.


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CafeTran Espresso 2017 – Yeddi has been released. The new version provides translators with cutting-edge assisted translation technologies with the design and focus on translating fast and with fun. It is a summary of ongoing development and the features introduced throughout last year, polished with the invaluable feedback of CafeTran users.

Apart from numerous fixes and improvements, the Yeddi version comprises the following:

- Mastered subsegment matching and auto-completion.
- Intuitive Matchboard.
- Optional integration with terminology bases.
- Optional integration with TM-Town resources.
- Optional integration with Machine Translation services.
- New Project Dashboard and user interface for high resolution screens.
- Refreshed dark and white eye-friendly texture themes.
- Improved Auto-assembling algorithm.
- Contextual segments’ retrieval system – “Total Recall” with support for alternative databases (e.g. MySQL database).
- Flexible docking and joining of numerous resources (translation memories, glossaries and web resources).
- Binding of favorite external editors to enhance the editing process (e.g. with dictation).
- Fuzzy matches auto-correction.
- Auto-tagger: inserting matches along with formatting tags in the target segment.

CafeTran Espresso 2017 – Yeddi for Mac, Windows and Linux operating systems is available for download at

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I am pleased to announce the official release of CafeTran Espresso 2015. It is the product of more than 10 years of constant development based on your fantastic feedback with lots of great new features. Thank you!
CafeTran Espresso 2015 is a significant release in a few aspects:
1. Major features:
- New database system called Total Recall to handle large Translation Memories.
- New Dashboard panel to access your resources quickly and comfortably.
- New Excel filter.
- Improvement in handling third party projects.
- Revamped alphabetic system of listing matches from all the connected resources.
- New internal web browser to view Internet resources.
- The latest Java 8 support on all operating systems.
- Floating panels to work comfortably on large screens.
- Easy creation of Abbreviations and scanning the Project for Abbreviations.
- Dynamic segmentation based on Abbreviations.
- Display of segments in their context during filtering.
- Support for TM-Town public repositories - searching and downloading into the glossary interface.
- Optional enhancement of Auto-assembling with Machine Translation.
- Automatic switching of the text flow in source and target panes for Arabic and Hebrew languages.
- Bug fixes and other numerous improvements listed at  
2. New home page at I hope you will like it!
3. New trial version.
Starting from this release, CafeTran's trial version is much more friendlier with only the following limits:
- Maximum 1000 segments loaded to the Memory
- Maximum 500 glossary entries loaded to the Glossary
The above limits make it possible to test CafeTran on real translation projects without any time limitations.
4. Two purchase options. Please see for details.

CafeTran's developer
Igor Kmitowski
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