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Cyrille Regis 1958-2018
This is supposed to be a blog about popular music, but the passing of Cyrille Regis has to be mentioned. He was my hero when I was a boy and he has remained a hero all my life.
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Just Like Christmas?
Four years ago I wrote with optimism about the way downloading
was shaping the UK’s Christmas charts. It was allowing old songs to nestle
alongside the new, thus there were 14 festive classics in the 2013 charts.
Mariah Carey was at number 13 with ‘All I Wa...
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When do Productions become Productions?
Following up from the last entry , I’ve been wondering when
it is that we realise that records are produced? My guess is that it’s the
opposite to Jimmy Webb’s thoughts about songwriting. He realised that there was
a process to composing songs because some ...
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When Do Songs Become Songs?
When we are very young it feels as though songs have always
been there. In fact, some of our earliest song memories retain this sense. It
seems odd that there is a person out there who sat down to write ‘Wheels on the
Bus’ or ‘Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star’,...
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Baby, You're a Firework
Everyone loves fireworks. On Saturday night I went to the huge
display at Alexandra Palace, an annual event that is prompted by the anniversary
of Guy Fawkes’ attack on British parliament, albeit that Fawkes and politics
are curiously absent from the celebr...
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Mapping Beyoncé's 'Hold Up'
When I first heard Beyoncé’s Lemonade I thought we were entering a new age of sophistication
when it comes to sampling. Not only are the sampled tracks musically
appropriate, they are thematically appropriate too. On this album of infidelity
and heartbreak ...
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La curiosa historia de ‘Guantanamera’ y cómo se convirtió en uno de los cantos más populares de fútbol
Threads become posts become articles. The discussion of ‘Guantanamera’,
which I mentioned in the blog entry ‘ Believe It, Chant It, Wear It ’, has
prompted a great piece by Katia Chornik, which has appeared on Mundo, one of
the BBC’s world service websites....
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Recording Bias
Music copyright is elitist. Many theorists
have made this claim. They have pointed to the fact that copyright law tends to
equate music with its notated form. It therefore over-privileges aspects that
can be written down - principally melody and harmony – w...
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Is Equitable Remuneration Equitable?
The journal Popular
Music and Society has recently published my article ‘Is Equitable
Remuneration Equitable? Performers’ Rights in the UK’. If you do not have
access to the journal via an academic institution, it would usually cost £28 to
read it. However,...
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Where is the Public Interest in Business-to-Business Licensing?
At the end of June I spoke at the 19 th Biennial
IASPM Conference in Kassel, Germany. My main theme was blanket licensing and
how it is under threat: some artists are refusing to licence their songs to
streaming services; some publishers are withdrawing the...
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