Positive review by Henry C., via Yelp

Hey a sushirrito closer to SJ means I finally gave this place a try.
The gf and I came during the lunch rush and there was a really long line. But we were not in a hurry that day. Half way in the line we started getting pretty hungry though.
The menu isn't that big, just the usual chipotle sized menu. We decided to split a geisha kiss and sumo crunch.
They were both pretty good. The sumo crunch is a very safe and comfortable choice, everyone loves california rolls and shrimp tempura.
The geisha kiss was lacking flavor in some parts in the burrito. I can't remember, I think there were special pickles(or some other aspect) in it that gave it great flavor but it wasn't distributed through out the burrito that well. It was still pretty good though.
Probably wouldn't wait in a ridiculously long line again. But would come back.

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