New England Area Photographers -- Lend me your ears!
or eyes, since you're most likely reading this.

I am reaching out to build a public circle for New England area photographers.

Here's how it works...

If you're interested in joining the NE photo circle or you'd like to recommend someone, just post here. If you're posting for yourself, try to suggest at least one other person by + tagging them in your post. I'll create the circle and share it back publicly. You'll be able to see other area photographers' work, get inspired, get some recognition and hopefully add more to the G+ community.

Also... Share this post! We need to get the word out.

Now part of +Scott Jarvie's #JarvieCircleProject.

So jump in! What are you waiting for? will serve as a full list of Everyone.
You can find our current listing at:

I will be curating a list of the most active G+ users from that group to share so it will stay below 200 people.
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