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Regina king wins an Emmy!!!!! 
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This is crazy...

There was a flood in Louisiana. This flood displaced thousands if not tens of thousands of people. There was a sub committee on funding and that subcommittee had exactly one person and of course that included the Representative from the area of Louisiana that was affected and exactly one other individual.

Next, there were 4 mayor's of the affected areas and the governor of Louisiana who showed up and begged for money and said that things were in disarray for this flood. Again the lowest level of a comitee in a public hearing.

However, I've now counted 16 members of Congress going over some emails....just to scold someone if there was a problem in their opinion in the Hillary Clinton email investigation.

Lives are at stake and it has nothing to do with an email, a blackberry or the best dumbass question I heard "did you know she had multiple devices". One Congress person said that she was told that they should wrap their phones in aluminum foil to prevent transmission of data when they travel abroad. (Turning it off is so much easier, if you go one step further, take your battery out if you are that paranoid).

Lives are literally in danger in Louisiana, y'all ain't taking at seriously. But spending millions of dollars in resources to investigate email, FBI investigating email and you have turned up nothing? They are dropping messages here and there of the individual before Clinton was the secretary of state.

Congrats Congress, you have just become useless and literally will not help those in need. 
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Although Sad, I'm not surprised..
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PLEASE make this vehicle.....
Cadillac unveiled the Escala concept, a vision for its new flagship sedan, at a private estate during Monterey Car Week. In it, Cadillac has shed its hard lines and opted for a more fluid form...
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Drops the mic....again.

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Damn that sony and these new lenses....

making all these good products...

I'm reading that this new 50 is magical.
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The review Jay just posted of the lens.....I want one....but alas...dont really need it at the moment.
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Durant to GsW, with the player option in the second year. Curry Contract is up end of next season. Westbrook contract up end of Next Season.

Well...will they all be in OKC, or will they all be in Golden state. 
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+Ariel Star lol. I would said the grizzlies 
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Ok I know the NBA is fixed. For real. You just beat a team that hasn't lost two in a row yet.

However, Isaiah Thomas said it best...

"Pressure makes diamonds"

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Rigged wcf OKC was robbed by refs!
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bayer is buying monsanto for 57 billion dollars....IN CASH

German chemicals giant Bayer confirms its record-breaking $66bn takeover of GM seeds business Monsanto - a deal that would create the world's biggest seeds and pesticides company.
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I have an #iphone, #galaxyS7, #nexus6p. Just looks like a phone from apple will come with 3 gig of ram. I just feel like that's uneven.

My s7 has 4 gig of ram, I use it heavily. My 6p is the playland I just do random stuff on it and I accepted that it has 3 gig of ram, it's a #nexus!

I don't expect the next iPhone to have an uneven amount of ram. just odd to me. I think I may have to get the next #nexus device and use it as my main phone. It just seem right to me.
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If you knew whom to look for, you would see the photographer in the reflection of the subjects sun glasses.
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sister sent me this:

it is aweseom
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Drank One!
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