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Golden state wins the NBA title
Lebron put up epic numbers
Durant put up epic numbers

Entertainment value at 100%.

Score the basketball.....I think that's important. Score the ball means you are not taking a chance at the three because you can shoot it, it means you are taking the best and most effective shot at the time.

If you look at the game that way, who was the most effective scorer in this title run, given the times they had the ball in their hands, and the shot selection?

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Joshua wins! Slug fest, slobber knocker. 

Big Spain!!!

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"Tapping my phones" -- Just making sure that was in quotes too.

Spicer read ALL that crap today. Betcha his breath smells likes old cat litter when he finishes talking.

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When you start at 2:50 and just watch, the truth comes out.

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Let me get this right:

"Repeal and replace Obamacare"

That is the going statement, not fix Obamacare.

You can say repeal and replace, but not fix. You can add a single stipulation back into law and the system fixes itself.

Stipulation goes back in, the system fixes itself. Instead, the are by script saying "repeal and replace obamacare".

So they say, make insurance accessible. It's a sad day. 
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