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No way! It's a Hep Alien reunion! #GilmoreGirls

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This is a funny video. I'm about six of these if not more.

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What! A new DuckTales series. I've gotta watch this. It looks like I'm gonna have to dust off my DVDs of the series and refresh myself on DuckTales lore.

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This is so cool. Look at the top for 30 seconds and then look at the bottom.
Look at the center of the moving circles for about 30 seconds and then at the TARDIS!!!
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It's about time they closed Luigi's flying tires. It was the only part of #Carsland that wan't as good as the rest.

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This is gross. He isn't even the coolest looking #Marvel villain.

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This trailer for #Daredevil looks pretty good.

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Well that's a news headline I never thought I'd hear.

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The day of the century!
Well than I must celebrate.
Very cool.

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This is pretty scary stuff. It's weird when it's so close to home. Of course I have to see this movie.
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