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Lorena Magana Zertuche

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John Baez about David Finkelstein, 1929-2016 (excavate from a comment, now it's own post)

If you're not a physicist you probably haven't heard of him, but in 1958 he made some big progress in understanding black holes.

Before that, most people thought that as a star collapsed, time would slow down for it, and it would become locked in place, a 'frozen star'. He realized this was a mistake due to taking a bad choice of coordinates too seriously. He realized that in fact an event horizon forms: a surface that you can fall into, but never get back out from.

He called it "a perfect unidirectional membrane: causal influences can cross it in only one direction".

He was always a radical, but he was always cheerful, with a twinkle in his eye. He gave me a copy of his book Quantum Relativity, which influenced some of my ideas on spin networks and spin foams. The last time I saw him was at an airport, by chance. Cheerful as ever!

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How the Sun Sees You: A Video Demonstrating What People Look Like to an Ultraviolet Camera.

Put on some sunscreen!

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Check out my second blog post! This blog has several contributors, each focusing on different areas of physics. Keep an eye on it for weekly posts!
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