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Hewlett-Packard, the company notorious for layoffs and bad decisions, lays off 27k people. Apparently outsourcing and cutting costs is more important than making a quality product. #HewlettPackard #HP
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Meg wants to downsize the company to make it more efficient. Whatever that means...
Yeah, I've worked for HP for a few years, I luckily was never let go, but they do not appreciate tenure or hard work at all. It's all about "cutting costs" and "being economical"
.. the low life tyrant calling the shots tried to buy the the office of the California governor, last election... $75Mill of the witchs own money... IT BACKFIRED! Thank God... I live here and she is a vicious , wretched woman who took someones' (stole with a cheap payoff from her wealthy family... Ebay) idea and with tremendous talent behind 'her' built it up. ...and she got rid of them w/sweet payoffs... She a Stalin without the bodies... I pity a person like that... but up hers ... AS WELL...-:)
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