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My daughter has been seeing Dr. Robbins for about a year and a half. We have seen three other dentists in west L.A. previously. Dr. Robbins is by far the most careful and gentle provider in my informed but non-expert opinion. She and her staff use technologies and little extras that make dental visits palatable to my girl: there is an antibacterial ozone probe that can bathe a single tooth in a tight stream of antimicrobial air (this tool seems to have reduced our first first cavity to one filling, while a previous dentist said we would need a baby root canal there at that same spot); they take these bright, totally high-res, single-tooth digital photos for hard-to-see cavities, using a teeny tiny camera on a teeny tiny probe for teeny tiny mouths; their X-ray films come in the smallest size, especially for very small mouths (a previous dentist found X-rays impossible - they blamed my kid, I blame their big film cartridges and their intimidating old behemoth X-ray machine); my girl has needed the nitrous oxide, and here they have a strawberry-scented soft little thingummy to dispense it for her (otherwise she woulda been terrified, and me too). Dr. Robbins is not a fill 'em and bill-'em dentist, like two of the three others that we have seen. Instead, Dr. Robbins takes time to consider exactly what is going in my kid's mouth, and I can tell that it's like a complicated ecosystem in there microscopically. To me, this subtlety in the doc's decision-making process seems to result in fewer fillings, a less invasive dental session, a happier patient (my kid), and a happier payer (me). Now about paying, Michelle on the doc's staff is very nice to us, even though my paperwork is more voluminous than other patients'. We have two dental insurances for the one kid. The doc does not bill insurance here at all, but Michelle kindly provides the paperwork that I just mail to my insurance. The insurance check comes to me as a reimbursement, not to the dentist. Yeah, that's a little weird, but Michelle's help makes it easy handle. Now, about the toys. There are lots of toys here in the waiting room. My girl calls Dr. Robbins the "Toy Dentist". Book your appt well in advance. They are busy here, for good reason.
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I had my second visit this week. It was very simple: I made an appt, I parked on the street (45 minutes in the meter), checked in at desk, Doc saw me right away, Doc performed the cleaning and exam, Doc advised me to floss and to use Listerine-type mouthwash to stave off gum disease (I'm 40 y.o.), Doc advised me to consider braces for serious crowding, Doc took X-rays, Doc showed me the X-ray pictures immediately and pointed out where cavities would look like if there were any. Doc gave me a little bag with oral hygiene tools inside. Whole thing took under 40 minutes. Very pleasant, with Doc's calm voice and family anecdotes during cleaning. Here's what Doc did NOT do: Doc did not try to get me to pay for useless teeth-whitening (I'm a technician, not an actor), Doc did not push specific referrals on me for orthodontists (I don't have six grand lying around to pay for braces), Doc did not give me phony diagnoses and doom-and-gloom prognoses (other dentists have solemnly informed me that my teeth are pock-marked with 22 small cavities that require immediate attention). Doc's staff made the insurance stuff very easy for me: I walked in, staff identified me. Later I walked out with my next appt set for a future date as covered by my insurance. No repetitious paperwork. Clean.
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Last week I moved my small business inventory and supplies from Public Storage (PSA) to this Extra Space (EXR) ocation. I am very surprised at the higher quality at EXR compared to PSA: 1- security system at EXR allows access only to the floor that you rent on, but PSA allows access to any floor; 2- EXR has large lobby office with water cooler and restrooms, which is a huge boon to hot and tired workers; 3- EXR has smooth concrete floors, but my PSA location had painted plywood floors which had to be repainted periodically and that repainting restricted my access to my stuff; 4- EXR at this location has a live-in manager who fixes problems promptly, for example the security gate malfunctioned and in fifteen minutes he somehow materialized at the gate and fixed it without anybody calling him; 5- EXR has a separate, locked room for small shipments for customers, so if you want to accept small shipments you don't have to give EXR your key the way you do at PSA; 6- EXR has access 6a to 10p, but my PSA location was only 6a to 9p. I am very glad I moved to EXR. Warning, however: don't call the toll-free number to book your space, use the website instead and you will get a cheaper rate. I tried the toll-free number first, and then I hung up and tried the website and I saved a lot of money. By the way, the EXR stock is doing better than the PSA stock right now too. I dunno why. Oh, one more thing, the insurance at EXR for me was two bucks cheaper than the same insurance at my PSA space.
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Very fast, very effective. Clogged bathtub drain in 2nd floor apartment, west LA. Drano did not work, I had tried snaking it myself too. Royale Plumber gave me a 11a-1p window and arrived at 12:20p, finished the work in three minutes flat. Bravo.
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Had water from three aquariums tested here for ammonia, nitrates, nitrites, phosphate. A buck per test per sample, a lot cheaper than buying the kits myself since I lose stuff easily and I will only do these tests once in a very long while. The guy who does the tests, Pat, is really great at explaining stuff and identifying possible problems. He takes care of all the aquatic beasts and plants in the store really well, even the invertebrates look happy.
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