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With the lack of OPs during the summer, our game shop has been running special events to fill the time.

I was able to make this month's which was a semi-cooperative version of First Contact vs Cube 384.

6 tables with 2 players each (our biggest turn out in a year) fought the cube/sphere on their tables.

Instead of just being cooperative as written, our TO added a Battle Point variant to spice things up:
- Killing the sphere earned 1 BP
- Killing the cube earned 1 BP
- Most damage dealt to the cube earned 1 BP
- Ties were broken by roll off (including if no one scored the killing blow because, say, the sphere had a Warp Core Breach).

Rules also included no cloaked mines, or cards to mess up other players (like Lure, Thought Maker, etc)

Because of a late start, and the difficulty of the scenario, we did two 90 minute matches, instead of 3 60 minute matches. Still, the event made for a really fun time.

How about all that great STAW info that came out of Origins?!

Previews of the new cards and ships.

More info about the upcoming card and fleet packs.

Rules book due in October.

Really competitive Nationals and Worlds events, and our first new World Champion!

And, probably most importantly, it seems like STAW has a development team with a vision, that has been listening to players, and has a vision for the future.

It really looks like STAW isn't dying after all.

Wow, I can't believe how much I neglected this community. It just slipped my mind because I've been active elsewhere.

But let's fix that now.

Recently attended a local convention, helping my LGS run and sell boardgames. We did pretty good, but David Montgomery brought his Cube 384 to demo First Contact for people. One group played one the first day, but ended up calling it quits as their fleets were on their last legs by the time the sphere launched. Still they had a good time.

And even though no one else played, lots of questions were asked. And, apparently, since David installed lights sound into the cube, talk of the cube made its way around the entire convention!

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An interesting article about how to effectively discuss controversial issues when those on the other side of the discussion ignore facts and evidence. And, how, when doing it poorly, showing them facts and evidence can actually make them believe their side of the discussion even more.

Anecdotally, I've seen this happening in social media comments.

Basically, when the discussion devolves into an argument of name-calling, dismissive posts, and attacks (even when actually evidence is presented), it causes the other side of the argument to dig in and double down on their position.

But when an actual discussion is had, with a controlled, rational, argument, the facts and evidence tend to win out. With the other side ceasing to post because they have nothing to counter and fight back with, and no way to attack while claiming they're a victim, and making their "opponent's" position look bad through ad-hominem arguing.

So bares remembering to keep your arguments civil and factual. Remember, you're not necessarily trying to convince those attacking you. You're trying to convince everyone else who's listening to what you're saying.

#facts #discussion #controversy

I think it would be great to get +Brady Haran (of +Numberphile, +Sixty Symbols, +DeepSkyVideos, +Periodic Videos) to talk about science outreach.

Would make for some great cross-pollination of viewerships since both Brady and Frasier could post the hangout on their sites, and would prove to be a fun discussion for all.

I'm starting to become addicted to reading webpages on now. It uses the Spritz technology from

I'm finding I can stretch myself to 800 words per minute, but my sweet spot is around 600-700. Especially if I'm reading scientific articles. But it's so much more natural, and feels less like work, to keep up with reading using the site.

I can safely say that, for me, spritzing is better than reading. ;)

#speedreading #reading #spritz #readsy

Can you delete/remove/discontinue/set as inactive (whichever) the Fleksy community?

The product has been discontinued, the development team has moved on to other things. And it doesn't look like they're administrating the community anymore. But many members are still posting questions and issues.

Is there a way to report dead communities?

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Something to keep in mind, especially during the current climate. Although it's important to remember no matter what's happening.


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