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Andy Piper
knows people and tech; enabler, synthesiser, connector, community-builder
knows people and tech; enabler, synthesiser, connector, community-builder

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Just received my C64 conversion kit! works perfectly, thanks!

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MQTT Smart Home Wall Controller Code Published

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Auto awesomed.

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Added photos to droidconNL 2014.

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Watched The Internet's Own Boy: the story of Aaron Swartz this evening. A powerful, moving and sad documentary. I knew of his involvement in e.g. Reddit but I'd missed his important contributions to RSS, Creative Commons and other things. We've lost a visionary, a genius, and one of the foundational figures in Internet society, with an impact and influence in so many areas. So sad.

If you care about technology / the Internet, freedom, democracy, information and learning then this film deserves your urgent attention. Do not miss it.

The director Brian Knappenberger Skyped in for a Q&A after the screening and was generous enough to answer one of my questions. A very thoughtful and impressive guy. I'm keen to see his previous work, We Are Legion, now.

Incidentally, if you are into similar things then I also recommend Terms & Conditions May Apply; and Downloaded, the story of Napster.

FWIW, the Aaron Swartz film is available under CC license for download, but it is also coming to (no doubt a limited number of) cinemas in the UK this weekend, so try to get to see it.

- BoingBoing:

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Our next Live #TwitterDev  hangout is on August 26 and looks at MoPub - join us!
Join MoPub team members Phu Tran, Alice Pang and Boris Logvinskiy for a chat. They work on mobile ad monetization for mobile apps.

We will go over the following topics:
Getting started with monetizing your mobile apps
What MoPub does
How real-time bidding works on MoPub to drive you more revenue
Q&A on the MoPub platform

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"Living in the Mobile Future" - my colleague +Chris Chabot speaking at Digital K in Sofia earlier this year

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Handy Google Docs extension to convert docs to AsciiDoc.

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