At Camp Navarro I asked +Andrew Krug​​​ if we would ever see all of the known and unknown glyphs in the scanner. He answered in the fashion there's more? Send me a list of them! So.... Here you are Andrew! Here is the list that are currently known for ingress that is backed by the Naintic project books, +Stein Lightman​​​, our scanners, and anomaly artifacts. Some have speculated names, some do not. Some we would have to cross lines a few times, but this does not make them impossible to be in the scanner. One page though is Glyphs we know exist but can not be with in our scanner as it is now. Our current glyph grid is missing two key dots for these so they are honestly a suggestion for 2.0. I think if you opened yourself up to two more points on the grid you would find many more glyphs hidden away waiting to come into the light.

This is not including agent made Glyphs but I would suggest looking at some of the agents work including +Achim​​​.. There are Glyphs we believe are missing but that is for another post.

You asked for your list and here it is. I'm sure if I miss anything plenty of Agents will come forward with more known and unknown glyphs.

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