Sequence Glyph Studies: Exo5 Ada's Glyphs

In this last anomaly series +A Detection Algorithm​ gave us four videos with multiple messages within them. Each video contained a verbal message from her along with different musical tones, a written english message, and glowing Red Glyph sequences. The Sequences though, did not seem to completely fit the verbal messages or beginning of the written one. This, of course, lead me into a study on the Sequences to better understand what their individual messages were.

Thank you for hanging in there and making it to this last study. For those just joining in I suggest looking at the four studies below, first. Be warned this post has two studies in it itself that contradict each other in ways.

Sequence 1: Distance/Outside Intelligence Change Technology

Sequence 2: We/Us Create Your/You/Other Destiny

Sequence 3: You/Your/Other Now/Present New Future

Sequence 4: Consequence Journey Change Again/Repeat

Now that we are through those let's move onto a few facts about these individual sequences and their messages together.

Distance/outside intelligence change technology
We/Us create your/other destiny
Your/Other/You now/present new future
Consequence Journey change again/repeat

There are a total 47 of glyphs within the individual messages, including 27 secondary glyphs and variants in total between the messages. For Civilization I could have included all of its variants but as they have never been used in any documentation so far, I did not. Out of these 47 Glyphs only 14 were repeated. (Keep in mind these 47 Glyphs are based on the last four studies of the messages and not of the picture below)

Repeated Glyphs
Deteriorate, Forget, Them, Future, Imperfect, Impure, New, Now/Present, Create, You/Your/Other, and Change were all repeated twice.
Less, Simple, and Ignore were repeated three times. This I found interesting because the reason they were all repeated three times was due to the 3rd message as they were the only secondaries for that sequence.

All Secondary Glyphs

Breathe/Live, Body, Complex, Courage, Deteriorate, Die/Death, Civilization, Easy, Forget, Grow, Help, Ignore, Improve, Imperfect, Impure, Less, More, Not/Inside, Old, Separate, Simple, Soul, Them, Together

The underlying message does focus on two direct time Glyphs. Present/Now and Future are repeated in two of the four Sequences but there is a obvious lack of time in the other two sequences and in all sequences Past is missing. With ignore, simple, and less being the Glyphs with the most focus on them, I feel that it calls for us to ignore the past in order for this change to happen. That something within our past is impure and imperfect. We need to forget it, let it deteriorate, and move forward. I can say that these sequences do seem to be for 'you’ and have something to do with 'them’ but I can't say they are for us….

It could be that sequence structure has yet to be understood by who ever Ada is talking with but there is no indication of faction or human within these sequences as a whole. Civilization is only touched on once in the sequences but it's not paired with any other glyphs that would indicate Human. Soul is present but not whose soul…. The lack of detailed glyphs gives us no indication of who these messages are for. Yes, the messages were given to the agents in the form of media but just because we are given a message does not necessarily mean the message is for us.

While some of the secondaries did in fact support their main message individually they were also not as clear as the sequences we get in our scanner can be. They seemed to be made differently, were incredibly vague in unexpected ways and still have me questioning some of the variants. They seemed to either be written by someone just throwing Glyphs together or some one who may have had a large understanding of how to construct them in a way that gave us no further insight. Either way the glyph messages themselves did not truly fit any of the other messages in Ada's videos and a larger study was required to attempt understand the true meaning of this message as a whole and why it was structured as it was.


Study 2 The Full Sequence Glyph

The image below is the entirety of the message fit onto a single glyph grid. I did this because the study above was not giving me the insight I was looking for. There was still way too many questions in my mind on the structure of the individual messages and why they were not like our others. So I dug further. Instead of taking the messages individually I decided to treat them like one running 16 glyph long sequence.

There is a total of 77 Glyphs including their Variants. The secondaries consist of a total of now 57 different Glyphs including their Variants. This gives us 30 new Glyphs to apply to the message as a whole to help in attempting to understand this message.

New Secondaries

Abandon, Answer, Begin, Before, Human, Destroy, Difficult, Equal, Have, Lead, Lie, Live-Again/Reincarnate, Mind, Nature, Nourish, Accept/Open, Past, Presence, React, Search, Share, Stay/Stability, Strong, Truth, Want, Weak, Xm

With this new set, not only are all immediate time glyphs present (Past,Present/Now,Future) but Before and Begin are present as well. It's possible this could be an indication that the technology being presented or beginning has in fact been here before this point, we just have not had access to it.

This could explain why even before the combination of all these Glyphs, most of the Glyphs in all of the Sequences seemed to focus within the areas that are often seen as the past and present. Each point of the glyph grid is touched and while the surface message talks about the future, the grid certainly shows us the heavy, complicated web that is our past and how it may support our path into these future events even when wr think we can ignore it. It's not surprising that the time frame that has the most connections is within the present because this sequence is focussed on the decisions we are contemplating now.

It's seems with the addition of these new Glyphs we do still in fact have a decision seeing as things are less clear. Answer, search, truth, lie, more, less, simple, complex, strong, weak, create, and destroy are all major opposites within this message, possibly symbolizing the fact that our choices could lead from one extreme to another since Glyphs do not seem to have a grey zone. When multiple opposites are present the message becomes less clear or concrete, giving some hope that there is still a possibility of change that is within our control.

With this new set of secondaries something else seems to become a bit more clearer. Body, soul, mind, and human are now able to be seen and the argument I had earlier about these sequences possibly not being for us are now less solid. While the sequence still does not clearly state who is human, the fact it is present in the secondaries does indicate the possibility that the message is being directed towards the agents. It's a stretch, it took multiple studies to find it and I dug further than I normally would but it's there. Whether or not it is the truth is not something I can not determine.

The glyph Them could simply be a presence that is behind all of our discussions and what holds us back. It is something more than our factions though since Nzeer, Shapers, Enlightened, and Resistance are nowhere close to being finished in any of this digging. This is also an indication though that neither our faction leads or the Shapers and Nzeer are behind these messages. A different presence is behind Ada, which we all knew but I think these sequences confirm that.

The last glyph I really want to discuss and bring to light is Live Again/Reincarnate. We have Live/Breathe and Die/Death which by themselves are rather strong Glyphs to use as they bring up the thoughts of mortality and how weak or strong we can be when we face our time. Before I could have argued that die and live were being applied to the change in our technology, since evolution and progress were not present. It is possible there would be a full death to something and something else would come alive, taking place of the former thing. That I assumed was technology because there was a lack of any strong indication of human but now there is a hint of it thus the possibilities may have changed. With Live-Again/Reincarnate present it makes me think back on one thing that is unique to humans… the ability to die and become a Simulacra, which not surprisingly, is present as well.

For more information on the specific study on the Simulacra glyph you can look back at *+Stein Lightman​​*​​*​ post or *+Achim​​**​​**​ post

Reading all the Glyphs and messages my conclusion in these studies is still that we are being pressed into accepting this new technology that is coming to us but that it isn't necessarily new. It's been here, it's been a presence in the background and in our history but we have never pursued it. Whatever reason we haven't pursued it in the past we are being told to forget and possibly ignore. To abandon our doubts and allow them to deteriorate. We need to ignore 'Them’ whoever they are and work with this new friend Ada has together. By together I mean without faction biased. We are being presented a new tempting future that is going to have a consequence and I fear that consequence may involve the death that we have seen many others fall victim to…. But it's a death that we already know can be beat and can lead to many different possibilities…..

I know my study here hasn't given a lot insight to the messages behind these sequences. I feel the reason for this is that it took far more digging than normal to be able to find something that was even remotely like the Sequences I normally interact with. True sequences are not as convoluted as these are. For me, there is something obviously different with this message but whether it's because they are more complicated than normal sequences or they are too simple, I am not sure. The one thing I can say for certain is that the Glyphs messages are much different from Ada's written and verbal messages… The only message that seems to fit these Glyphs is Ada's words “change is inevitable”..... It is but maybe we can still control it.

Thank you if you have lasted this long and read through this all. I know I rambled in this last study and I know that I am conflicted on what these messages really mean and it's obvious in my writing. This was mostly due to the fact I couldn't bring myself to separate the two separate studies within this post… It didn't seem right to do and made this post much longer than it should have been..  But like most of my studies I hope my thoughts trigger something for another Investigator or agent. I hope that if you do not agree or you do not feel my thoughts fit that you will discuss with me your thoughts and it inspires you to dig yourself.

My opinions and thoughts by no means are the truth behind these messages. They are simply what I think as I read these sequences and they could be completely wrong. Please look into them yourselves and as always agent continue Glyphing!

Also, have an amazing holiday and happy New year!!!!

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