The Tecthulhu Glyphs Sequence Study

In the middle of Navarro last year, i discovered in some data of Rileys, that the tecthulhu modules for each archetype portal had glyphs on them. No one at the time had anything i could use to see them so i stole an image from Riley's presentation at the hackathon to catalog these glyphs. I did a quick write up shortly after Navarro on the glyphs present but waited to do a larger study on them as time took me in other directions. With the silence that has been going on, the new revaluations of Tecthulhus through out the year, and now two new Camp Navarros just months away, i thought now would be the perfect time to look a bit deeper into these glyphs to see if anything popped out. So lets look into them!

•Strong Technology•Destroy Barrier•Create Unbounded Journey•Danger•
Together Human Strong

Secondary Glyphs

Abandon Answer Before Body Breathe/Live Call Capture Change Chaos Clear/Close Consequence Destiny Deteriorate Die/Death Difficult Distance/Outside East End Equal Escape Evolution/Success/Progress Failure Fear Forget Future Civilization have Help Hide Ignore Imperfect Improve Impure Intelligence Interrupt Lead Legacy Less Lie Lose Mind More Nature New Not/Inside Nourish Old Open/Accept Past Path Perfection/Balance Presence Present/Now Pure Pursue/Chase React Recharge/Repair Resistance Response Restraint Save/Rescue See Search Self Separate Share Simple Soul Stay/Stability Truth Use Want Weak Signal Stop/No Simulacra Dragon

First off im going to say that like any other messages about Tecthulhus this one, like the others, can be broadly interpreted and this is simply my interpretation and observations on its sequence structure.

I could have separated every line of these sequences as it seems that they were purposely separated but i didnt feel that i was being pulled to do that. Individually the messages are strong on their own and can be understood even if they were separated from each other but i feel like any other Tecthulhu message, they arnt suppose to be separated. By that i mean, before these modules were made, the large Tecthulhu they were created from gave us a variety of messages that were long in length but each line could stand alone like these glyphs can. The links to these messages are below.

With those messages, while the sentences could be observed and understood individually, we look at the entirety of the message together to understand it fully so i felt like that was the natural course when it came to these sequences. This is why i did not separate into the individual messages for this study.

Moving on, it is also not surprising there is a duality of glyphs within these sequences because like its Parent Tecthulhu, its is following the same structure of the original messages and the purpose of a Tecthulhu is greatly determined by the ones in control of it. So it can be one opposite or the other and possibly be a mix of both. There are however some glyphs missing which possibly gives us more to consider.

All of the immediate time glyphs are present, which we could expect because Tecthulhus have been around for much longer than we believed and they are certainly changing our future but only the glyph Before can be seen here and not After. This is particularly interesting to me because of the glyph Lose within this structure and the missing glyph Gain. What are we losing in using these Modules and why arent we gaining something in our future?

I could argue it isnt ourselves, that we arent losing ourselves, as all of the glyphs for Human are present but then i could also argue that all of those are present because Humans are what the modules need to run. I have to point out that Creativity is missing... Every form of Creativity is missing, including Thought/Idea, which is what we were made to believe we needed to utilize when making our portals in Navarro. You could argue Create isnt far off but i feel anyone can create something, creativity is what brings it to life.... Were we suppose to create with no thought when it came to these modules?

Another interesting not is Answer is present, but question is not. Are we not suppose to be questioning the use of these modules? Why are we suppose to answer or find answers but not question them? While follow is surprisingly not present, lead certainly is and part of me wonders if that was because the ones that really interacted with these modules were tech leads of the teams... Were the ones pushing to use these modules because they had the capabilities to interact with them directly...

But what were we leading our teams too? Journey and search are present but destination and discover are not.... With such new technology to us, why wouldnt we discover something? That being said why is Data missing but Signal is present. Considering the Tecthulhus are a technology of sorts why wouldnt data be present?

We ignored the danger of them, which there obviously is some form of as its glyph is present in the main part of these sequences but harm isnt and i have to question why. What type of danger doesnt have some form of harm? To me, its possible that who ever used these glyphs, didnt see the harm in these modules or at least they didnt perceive them as harmful. To me the only ones who have not seen them as harmful, is possibly themselves...

Keeping in mind that souls inhabited the main Tecthulhu before its possible that those souls didnt see themselves as harmful.

Taking a note from things said in Navarro, these modules do possibly have some of the souls, spirits, human essence, what ever you want to call it, from the original Tecthulhu within them, along with xm, dark/chaotic xm, and exogenous beings or energy. It is not clear if the Original Tecthulhu was the same but if you throw a human into a chaotic mess like that its bound to insight fear more than courage... And it was said parts of the original were used, which means these souls were separated and placed into each module individually. They were forced from a place that was essentially their home with other beings that were in a similar understanding and situation as them. Im sure over time they gained some sort of comfort with that and then they were torn from it.... That is bound to be traumatizing and feed into fear which is why i think Fear is present and Courage is not.

This wouldnt be the first time that the victims of the Tecthulhus have spoken but if these sequences are truly them it would put a new perspective on the intentional meaning of these sequences. I have to point out though that the glyphs Us/We, You/Other, Them, and Me/I/Self are not present which is different from the other messages the Tecthulhus have given us and point us away from the possibility that these souls are behind this message. I still feel its possible and that losing those glyphs could point to the fact that there may only be a single soul mixed into each module as Self is still present in its original form but again this is just my opinion.

Moving forward to other notable glyphs, it is not surprising to me that the glyph nicknamed Dragon and the crossed out glyph from the Krakow Documents are present. Honestly it would not surprise me if anything about Tecthulhus could be found in those documents because it seems to me that Tecthulhus have a great influence in the ingress past. If they have any connection with Tecthulhus it honestly would make sense to me simply because the nature around both of these items are similar. Call it my spiritualist sense if you would like but i feel there is a connection we will find somewhere in the future.

Another interesting note is the glyph Lightman made that he felt represented Simulacra. Considering how the Magnus surrounding Navarro worked at the time, i think its fitting that Simulacra is present considering some of the Magnus was Simulacra. I do have to wonder if that is a piece thats needed to use Tecthulhus, but maybe not the modules obviously... Unless some of the agents at Navarro were not what they seemed. I feel this was a glyph pulled from the original Tecthulhu or maybe possibly a hint to what the modules are in comparison to their orignal hosts. Its even possible that maybe Simulacra are needed in making the modules... Its unclear but an interesting addition.

Originally i wanted to do this study to figure out if i could get hints as to who made the Tecthulhus and not just the modules. Whether they were N'zeer or Shapers technology but those glyphs arnt obviously present. I can state though if you look at the design upside down you could see both but that still doesnt answer my question and seems a little more improbable. The only indication of any alignment is Resistance which is present in both forms but if i remember correctly Riley was Resistance himself and he built the modules directly... To me its not enough to convince me, something is missing for me to fully say that the Resistance is behind all Tecthulhu creation... But again thats just my opinion...

These are just my thoughts and opinions when looking at these sequences. It is in no way the truth until it is otherwise said. I would love to see you opinions on these sequences structure as i am still questioning alot of it myself. As always agents! Continue glyphing!

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Krakow "Dragon"

Krakow Crossed out Glyph "Stop/No"

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