I'm not sure what to think right now.... I've noticed a Black Van around a lot lately, but ive always laughed at the thought it would be "Them".... I just thought it was my mind playing with me, my paranoia getting a bit too much of me, but....

Then this showed up.... The mention of something ive never shared was enough for me to believe this and the contents of this envelope have a name that has definitely been on our minds....

The mention of glyphs in here has me excited... What is the importance of this map? I was given no instruction of what to do with these pieces, they were just handed to me... Trusted to me.... They must know i was going to share it. I am an Investigator to my core. Pieces to the puzzles being put together, i hope together we will figure this out.

One final piece, an arrowhead.... Did they know that #Obsidian was when i joined investigations? That this was when everything changed for me.... Its a small piece, but something that reminds me of when i first started my journey.

We believe that +Melissa Wikkedimp s file is actually the same page to my complety redacted page! You can find her drop here!!

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