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The book
 Check out my recently released book “Called In, Called Out” This book is about my journey into and eventually out of
seminary and the experience of finding God’s will in the process. It is about the experience of leaving everything behind to
discern the ca...

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Mary what did you know?
  As we just finished the last Sunday of Advent and get ready
to plunge into Christmas, there is no getting away from the holiday music on
the radio(some of which was playing since Thanksgiving).   While we have traditional and secular songs abound,
the occ...

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Advent Theology Lesson
As we wrap up Advent and begin to look forward to Christmas
(liturgically speaking, Wal mart has been look at Christmas since October) I
wanted to give a more theological look at the nativity and how this one baby
coming into the world brought us salvation....

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Cleaning your spiritual house
Since we were children we have all had to clean our room.  It was not fun and the more you let it go the more work it was to get it clean.  This is true with all aspects of life.  We have to keep our selves physically, emotionally and spiritual clean.  Lent...

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OH NO!!! Lent is less than 2 weeks away.
You know its not Christmas any more, the priest has gone back to his green cloths and you are settling into ordinary time.  Then it his you lent starts in less than two weeks and it has crept up on you.  But fear not, there is still plenty of time for you t...

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Tale of two tears
People are emotional and that is what makes us human.  Though studies have shown that animals can show emotions they generally rely on their instincts to get though day to day life.  humans do things different while we do things instinctual we generally rel...

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Put up or be quite
After my recent rant about 21st century evanglization, I started thinking about the using 21st century technology to reach a new audience.   It is easy to say to people "Go do something", without having to do something myself. So in that vein, I attempted t...

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21st century evangelisation (finding God in our Facebook)
  And Jesus came up and spoke to them, saying, “All authority has been given to Me in heaven and on earth.   Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to obser...

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Individual vs Communial Prayer
Recently I was talking to someone that said "I can tell if a person is Catholic or Protestant by the way they talk about  Jesus." She went on to explain that the Protestants generally speak of Jesus as a "personal" savior and speak of having Jesus in their ...

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Anchored vs Rutterless
Attribution: Oxyman From  Ever wonder how some people are able to put there whole trust in God while other white knuckle there own route through life.  As we learn in the story of Peter walking on water, God can call us out into the choppy w...
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