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The Exclusive First Class Chauffeur Service In Essex
The Exclusive First Class Chauffeur Service In Essex


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I just want to say thank you for the amazing service for our wedding. We ordered a C300 which was perfect. The Chauffeur was great and helped me out with no problems at all in my dress, and I normally have problems getting in and out of cars due to mobility problems but this was no issue whatsoever. Would recommend and use again for other services. The car arrived early and the chauffeur had an umbrella at the ready so us too even though it was only spitting with rain. Worked out a better deal than getting smaller companies locally also! The car was immaculate.
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Another happy client

Absolutely impeccable service! First class We used NJS Executive for my wedding car (Bride), and also to take us from the church to wedding reception venue. The weather wasn't too great on our wedding day, Nicholas even followed me and my photographer with an umbrella. Very professional and friendly service, we would highly recommend to anyone that needed a car for wedding or for other special events. Thank you so much.
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We are in need of business cards _ Please share this as we need to find the following

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metallic foiling
suede or leather cards
foiling around edge of cards
maybe square cards too

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We have live chat for quotations on our website for extra speed when booking or quotations. come and check it out or say hello.
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Here are some key characteristics of the four groups as they relate to sales and marketing, (accepted that these are generalisations);

*Veterans: Ages 61-84: Led the way toward social change and are now retiring.

*Baby Boomers: Ages 42-60: Grew up with prosperity and are into status symbols. Have high expectations and want to be fulfilled in every aspect of their lives.

*Gen-Xs: Ages 26-41: Are willing to live with less “stuff” to have the lifestyle they want. Their battle cry is “I work to live; I don’t live to work.”

*Gen-Ys: Ages 6-25: Want to be respected, and technology is an expectation, not an extra. They are very media savvy and team oriented.

Here are just a few tips that could help you in marketing to each generation;

*Veterans: Appeal to their interest in seeking new experiences.

*Baby Boomers: Want to have personalized service.

*Gen-Xs: They know they are being analyzed and sold to, so understand their lifestyle and how they will use a particular product/service.

*Gen-Ys: Respond to their expectation for instant communication. They tend to shop in groups, so there is a need to understand who the decision maker is.
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