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Andreas Wagner

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Come FORTH TO The New England Forth Interest Group (NEFIG) Inaugural Meetup! You will be WARMly welcomed with free FIG Newtons, pizza and good conversation!
I'm sure you all have bottled-up Forth WORDs which IS why you should ROLL OVER to the New England FIG inaugural meeting! The current meeting agenda is posted at the link below: Don't hesitate to send me titles of your project demos, tutorials, presentations, discussion topics or any interesting things you've discovered. I can add them to the agenda for any month. If you have any qu...
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Andreas Wagner

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Get your darcs shirts and mugs!
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FYI, currently neither I nor darcs/sfc are making any profit from the schwag for technical reasons, but if you like darcs enough to wear it on a shirt you may consider donating to the darcs project:
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Andreas Wagner

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New England Forth Interest Group reLOADed ! ." JOIN US!" You will be WARMly welcomed !

When we have our first meeting it will be dovetailing with one of the Tuesday night project meetups at the Cambridge Hackspace ( they recently moved to the P.irateship in Somerville, MA, USA ). 

I'll be there chatting with other Forth programmers, Makers, and DIY enthusiasts. 

This is something I've been kicking around for a while but I've just created the meetup group a moment ago and I'm waiting for people to join before we have our first official meetup. 

I personally look forward to seeing YOU there so we can all bounce ideas off each other! 

All the best, and may the Forth be with you!  - Andreas
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Andreas Wagner

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Soglio, Grisons, Schweitz
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