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Mind of the Sick

Taking the Munster-Rag  Zombie Like sound with messages that dig deep into your Mind, and soul. 
All the songs Performed by Noah were written / inspired by the Holy Spirit to reach the Lost, and feed the found.

“I do not claim to be the greatest Guitarist; I am no virtuoso at any one thing. God has blessed me with talents, and resources, and divine timing. I could not do this by myself” – Noah

Why Free? 

Mind Of The Sick decided to give the album in its entirety away as a FREE download. and also have the Hard Copy CD with cover for sale for $12.99.

“These songs are written by the Holy Spirit, and if I were to sell them for profit that would be cheating the Holy Spirit. That and all songs are not professionally recorded, this is a one man thing inside a small bedroom of my house, no professional studio time, so I decided to give it a way for free… that and in this day in age with Piracy why fight the inevitable?  We did however give a cost to the actual CD only to cover cost, and to help run the website. That and I am not Looking for Fame or Money, just want to spit the truth! ”

 - Noah 

Meaning of the Name? “Mind Of The Sick”

Please let me explain the word SICK.. so that you might understand.. 
There are 4 main reasons for using the word SICK / Sickness

1. The word “Christian” was originally a derogatory term used by the gentiles and jew’s
towards the followers of Jesus. Much like the Slave Drivers used the “N” towards their 
African American slaves as a Derogatory remark.. and much like the African American 
mainly HIP-HOP culture has turned the “N” word into a Status of Brotherhood, the Followers of
Jesus turned the word “Christian” from a Derogatory term into a status on our Brotherhood. 

2. Atheist’s around the globe tend to think that “Christians” are delusional, because we have FAITH in an invisible GOD, if we were delusional we would have a mental illness, we would be SICK. 
so I am making an effort to turn that derogatory TERM TOWARDS CHRISTIANS in to a positive term.

3. There is an over abundant amount of SLANG words in this generation, many have used such terms instead of the term “COOL”

   a. Phat
   b. Dope
   c. Tight
   d. Hot
   e. Sick
I am one that uses the term SICK as I am a metal head, and that term is mainly used within the METAL culture, bands such as slipknot, have coined that term as meaning COOL! 

4. So with making the Derogatory term from Atheist’s in to a Positive, it made it really easy to play off the word SICK as it means cool, since “JESUS” is not a cool word in today’s world, which is sad, buy using visuals, and music and terms KIDS can relate to, it makes it more effective to get them to open up to the GOSPEL of Jesus Christ. In by using the word SICK I had to give it an acronym, which is also a popular trend these days.. it came easy for me.. 
Servant/s in Christ’s Kingdom, 
Servant/s In Christ’s Kingdom, Not Eternally Slaved in Sin

Also last note, our Brotherhood in Jesus Christ is like that of a mustard seed, Jesus used the mustard seed a lot, because back then Mustard was not a condiment like we have it today.. it was an annoying weed, it starts out as a small seed, then before you know it, it takes over everything.. it spreads and grows fast.. back then they would do whatever they could to get rid of it.. yet never could! Much like the Christian Brotherhood.. It spreads and GROWS!! And no matter how hard people try to get rid of it.. it just keeps growing stronger. 

Now with all that said, back to the Illness / Sickness this is much like a VIRSU that people CATCH, 
it is a VIRUS of TRUTH… and people try to avoid it at all costs.. but those who do CATCH the SICKNESS have a heart to SPREAD it to others.. IE Evangelizing… Sine Mind of the SICK (Servant in Christ Kingdom) is Evangelizing, we encourage others to spread the S.I.C.K.N.E.S.S.
Servant/s In Christ’s Kingdom, Not Eternally Slaved in Sin
As that is what we were called to do.. . 

oh and the Image of me with White Eyes.. that is not a DEMON.. 
that is ME.. representing in an abstract artistic way that I AM DIGGING IN TO THE DARK, meeting the LOST where they are “IN THE DARKNESS” and I am bringing light.. THUS my eyes are glowing.. think of it like a MINISTER in disguise going into DARK places.. if he went there in a suit and tie.. no one would listen to what he had to say.. 
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This place is great! a small staff which is nice, because the chances of you getting lost in the crowed and forgot about is next to impossible.. His work is good, and he is very honest, and upfront, no beating around the bush with this guy! he actually looks out for your best interest for your teeth..
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