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Dustin Kelley
The man with a plan. One Way Up.
The man with a plan. One Way Up.

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I think that all you democrats are mad because someone wanted to retain their hard earned money and keep it out of the system that has f'd every hard working American for years. Sorry your social system didn't get all of someone else's money to distribute to the multi dysfunctional non working lazoboma supporters of this falling nation. All Obama wants is to bankrupt our money system to disassemble the core colonized union that this nation was founded. He wants to bring America to its knees before other nations that will have more power than us if he is reelected. He will completely disable America by removing our nukes and ignore the countries that still have them and we won't even know what hit us. One more thing isn't it always a wonder that most of our lying, deceitful presidents have been Democrats? The past doesn't lie. Some blame Bush for the war.... What about when that last lying sack of a Pres Clinton sat across from Osama bin Laden that couple years before the attack on us, and not pressing the issue that he was a terrorist knowing very well that he was. Nothing like negotiating with terrorists..... Leave it up to the Demies to ignore the blatant attack on America. This time it's coming to the financial side of things what a sneaky way to get in and tear America down. Just wait and see..
I wasn't going to make any more political posts before the election, but this from Bloomberg we know why Mitt Romney didn't release more than the 2 most recent years of his tax returns. HE PAID NO TAXES from 1996 through 2009. NONE.

Mitt Romney is worth a quarter of a billion dollars, wants to be president of the US, and thinks 47% of the American people are deadbeats and slackers who want something for nothing from government/taxpayers.

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Love my boys!

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I love when a Holy Spirit moment is brought to me and gives me an insight that I never realized before. That the Bible never changes it always is and has been the only and true Living words of God.
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