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Heather Mitchell
I'm just a girl with no awesome tagline
I'm just a girl with no awesome tagline


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Okay, it seems that a super weird thing is happening to me on G+. I can now +1 my own posts. Um, could we always do that?
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Yes, we can always +1 our own posts
Nope, you can't do that.

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Neverwinter Review

A review of the free to play fantasy MMORPG "Neverwinter" aka Dungeons & Dragons Neverwinter.

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You fall asleep one night then the next day you wake up in bed with Facebook, not knowing how it happened

Twitter reactions to Facebook buying Oculus VR: "Hundreds of developers just found out they're making games for Facebook."

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Last Chaos Review

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Best MMORPG 2014

I'm so excited now that 2014 is actually here. The best MMORPG 2014 list has been revised and I will be adding more soon.

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The Secret World

An excellent no subscription MMORPG game.

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Digital Magazines: Has Anyone Created One?

I have been thinking of creating a digital magazine for the iPad and iPhone. Has anyone made one? I mean a magazine that is created by a blogger, not a big publisher.

Tips and information are all welcome.

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So this is my latest blog post, a review of Dungeons & Dragons Online.

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