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Jack Underwood
Android enthusiast and developer. Looking for work, email me at {my_first_name}{at}
Android enthusiast and developer. Looking for work, email me at {my_first_name}{at}

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My thoughts on Churn, and why it needs rethinking

Going against the grain on this one, If you think I'm wrong please let me know why!

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$AMD now at $15. Looks like we're on.

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Seems obvious in hindsight

Being able to sell subscriptions annually would seriously help get Circuit off the ground, but in reality it was just holding us back.

Are there any countries where you'd refer to distance in miles, but use something other than MPG as a measure of fuel efficiency?

The same goes for referring to distance in Km but fuel efficiency not in L / 100 Km?

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Using Modal Dialogs to onboard users to Circuit was a bad idea

I'll be removing these dialogs in an upcoming update.

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Circuit for iOS is live!

After months in development and many versions submitted for review, we've finally got it released!

If you have an iOS device please check it out and let me know if everything is working correctly, or if anything seems out of place.

I'm not too familiar with iOS so something will probably feel like straight Android ports and need adjusting.

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Circuit gets an in-app tutorial

Hopefully this will go someway to helping up Circuit's awful 4.1/5 rating. If you're finding Circuit useful, please leave a rating + review, it helps hugely!

Circuit for iOS Beta

Circuit is almost ready to launch on iOS, anyone with an iOS device willing to lend a hand in testing?

Leave me a comment! 

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Focus on Churn if you want to grow a subscription business, and do it right now.

With the Play/App Store slowly moving towards to the subscription model, more and more developers should start thinking about SaaS metrics.

Here's a quick summary about Churn and why it's important.

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After one year in the making, +Markus Hintersteiner and I finally released Peek Launcher for Android. It's a new kind of launcher, redesigned from the ground up for maximum speed and efficiency.

You can read all about it here

Available on the Play Store for free
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