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Jack Underwood
Android enthusiast and developer. Looking for work, email me at {my_first_name}{at}
Android enthusiast and developer. Looking for work, email me at {my_first_name}{at}


Insight v0.20

Quite a big update here, likely to be random bugs appear that needs squashing, particularly around recurring events.

Upgraded Search
Search now matches any attendees added to an event. You can also search using multiple words, events have to match both terms to show in the results.

New Icon
A new icon by +Tom Wellington​​​. Adaptive and legacy, likely to be temporary as we experiment with different versions.

Event Calendar
You know have the ability to set the calendar an event belongs too, both during creation and whilst editing.

• Creating a new event automatically shows keyboard for setting a title.

Insight v0.19

• Contact addresses given as suggestions for locations.
• Location/Contact permissions requests are now in-line.
• Fix for crash when scrolling further than 1 year from today.
• Fix for crash when editing recurring events.
• Fix for location disappearing after editing.

Rolling out..

Insight Calendar v0.18

• Add/Edit/Remove Attendees
• Add/Edit Recurring event details
• Location autocomplete
• Duplicate Events
• Various minor fixes

Actually rolling out now..!

Insight Calendar 0.17

• Add/Edit/Remove Attendees
• Duplicate Events
• Various minor fixes

Rolling out..

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My new app Gratus is out!

I had a blast working on it, and it's a very personal app for me. I can't wait to see what you think of it and the smiles you'll have when unlocking your phone and seeing a notification with something you're grateful for, being food, friends, some event, anything!

+Virginia Poltrack was so kind to made all these magical illustrations for me. Just look at the video she hand drawn! It was awesome working with her.

Also thanks to +Liam Spradlin and +Nick Butcher, both helped me, directly and indirectly, into building this app.

Can't wait to see you enjoy Gratus and, obviously, to read feedback!


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Insight Calendar's Editing Attendee Flow

Looking 🔥 +Pol Kuijken

Insight Calendar v0.16

• Add/Edit/Delete reminders from events
• Updated Info-Edit animation
• Fixed event list padding issue
• Delete confirmation dialog

Rolling out..

Insight Calendar v0.15

• Mostly behind the scenes stuff 0.16+
• UI Changes throughout
• Fix for "Today" button sometimes requiring 2 taps.
• Another fix removing more background crashes

Insight Calendar v0.14

• Adds the ability to search events (+/- 20 years)
• Searches for matches based on event's title, description + location.

Quite a lot of behind the scenes changes required to get this added, so let me know if search itself or anything else breaks as a result of updating to this version.

Rolling out..

Insight? Calendar v0.13

• Ability to correctly edit recurring events, with the follow edit options:
- Change just this event.
- Change this and future events.
- Change all events.
• Week Numbers on month section.
• Fix for new events not showing the "SAVE" button.
• Fix for "All Day" events showing up the day before in timezones <0.
• Potential fix for random crashing in background on Android O.

In other news.. Recurring events are as frustrating to work with as Timezones are!

Rolling out now.
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