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"အခုပဲသင့္ကားကိုေရာင္းပါ၀ယ္ပါ "
"အခုပဲသင့္ကားကိုေရာင္းပါ၀ယ္ပါ "

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World’s 5 grandest car collections ever!

Carmudi offers a peek into the royal car parks of billionaires world over
 Yangon, 11th August 2014 - Have you heard of a car collection so obscenely large that the owner could drive a different car every day for 19 years? Or a car spread so expensive that it could make a billionaire’s credit card bleed to death? Well if not, then hold your horses., the leading online platform for buying and selling cars in Myanmar, has dug out the world’s grandest car collections for you to have a dekko. And in case you are inspired to add a couple of these to your fancy fleet, check out the 10,000+ collection on the go.

1. Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah

With a staggering $20 billion net worth and the largest royal palace in the world, it is no wonder that he is able to amass some 7000 cars consisting of 209 BMWs, 574 Mercedes, 452 Ferraris, 179 Jaguars, 382 Bentleys, 134 Koenigseggs, several Lamborghinis, Aston Martins and many more. The one Shelby Supercars ride that he owns, the SSC Ultimate Aero, was once the fastest production vehicle on the planet capable of 257mph. It is priced at an enormous 650,000 USD as they are extremely hard to come by. With a spread so large he can drive a different car every day for 19 years!

2. Sheikh Hamad Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan

A billionaire member of Abu Dhabi’s ruling elite, he is widely known for his colourful collection of 7 Mercedes S-Classes. Rumored to own between 200 and 400 vehicles, his collection includes numerous monster trucks. Besides his large collection of custom made super sized  vehicles, he owns a 1963 Rolls Royce Phantom which costs 850,000 USD! It was used as the personal transport of Queen Elizabeth II during her visit to Dubai in 1979.

3. Jay Leno

The famous talk show host has quite an astonishing collection with cars from decades dating back to the first of the last century. What is more surprising is that they’re in perfect working condition. His collection is approximated to be over 200 motors! Of these motors he owns The Mclaren F1 and P1 which both cost 1.1m USD each.

4. Ken Lingenfelter

Lingenfelter boasts a collection of 150 ‘American muscle cars. However what is more impressive about his collection is that he owns 20 Lamborghini Reventon’s which cost 2 million USD…each! He also drives the largely unheard of American sports car, the S7 Saleen Twin Turbo which costs a whopping 585,000 USD!
5. Mukesh Dhirubhai Ambani

Known as ‘the richest man in India’ Mukesh is a business magnate who is not afraid to spend his hard earned money. Mukesh is rumoured to own upwards of 168 vehicles! He is an especially big fan of European cars and owns a number brands one of which is a Bentley Flying Spur which costs upwards of 200,000 USD.
If you want to build up a unique car collection like some of the tycoons mentioned above, head over to .

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8 points : What to do in a car crash

Check for injuries. Stay calm and make sure neither you nor anyone else involved in the crash is injured. If someone has been injured, seriously or otherwise, err on the side of caution....See More.....

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.....Lock your car.....

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...7 ways to kill your car....

1> Ignoring regular maintenance
2> Driving with low or (yikes) no oil
3> Driving an overheated vehicle
4> Ignoring transmission ills
5> Neutral drops
6> Rocking out of mud or snow
7> Hitting a curb

Please pay a visit to >>

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...About Motors Facebook in Net Guide Journal (30/7/14) ...

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ABS(Anti-lock Braking System)

ABS is one of the computer system to control the car brakes and it can make the brakes system smooth.

It is one of the system to make sure not to be an accident in breaking.
ABS only becomes to alive when the car get enough speed on the road.

ABS monitor on all the car-wheels and it controls only on a wheel that depends on it rolling speed if necessary.

A must to have for a car is ABS to control the car speed especially on High-Way road.
If ABS signal is coming, you need to repair your car break-system.

Kaung Mon

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SRS (Airbag)

SRS ( Supplemental Restraint System) is a must to have for a car.For the safety of the car driver and passenger in the car,It can protect from the injury of an accident.

For general, a car has 2 to 12 airbags that can open in happening an accident or some kinds of problem with the car.

SRS is one of the car computer system to make sure for the safety of people in the car.

Kaung Mon
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