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Why a Three Star Review Could Mean a Great Read
As a book blogging reviewer I often get some questions about
why I have reviewed a novel at THREE STARS and yet raved about the great read.
It is quite simple really. I use my own personal rubric for rating each book
that comes to me (I also have any of the...

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Why I Love my E-reader
I dare say that I am a fan of the e-books. I don’t even own
an e-reader at this time (I did own the very first Kobo reader though it hasn’t
fared well over the years… OK, it hasn’t fared well over the years around FOUR
young children…). I read just about ev...

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Bonds - Kris Radcliffe
A fast paced FIVE STAR read that will keep you turning the
pages rapidly to find out what happens next! The Schwartz Synopsis: This short read introduces us to Daisy, a young shifter. The
book starts off with her talking to Rysa’s best friend, Gavin. Their ...

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The 11th Demon - Bruce Hennigan
This extremely fast paced thrilling supernatural novel is
rated at FOUR STARS by the Schwartz
Reviews! The Schwartz Synopsis: This is the third book in the Chronicles of Jonathan Steel series,
however it can be read alone (I should know, I read this without...

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Dead Secret - Richard Milton
A fascinating tale full of mystery, suspense, and romance. Rated
at FOUR STARS by the Schwartz Reviews. Psychics aren’t real, are they? They are just scam artists
taking advantage of broken hearted mourners. That’s what Tony sets out to prove
for his next a...

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Dragons Choir
The first novel in a new epic fantasy series that captures
the reader whole heartedly from beginning to end is rated at an amazing FIVE
STARS from the Schwartz Reviews. My first thoughts were: So far, a few pages in and you’ve
got me. I’m totally all in wit...

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This is a dark new adult novel with paranormal elements tied
inside that will keep you flipping through the pages trying to guess what will
happen next but never really being able to predict just how this story will
end. It is a book unlike any that I have ...

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Call Me Sunshine
An overall inspirational story for sufferers of Borderline
Personality Disorder, a not well known mental illness. I would also say that
this story is inspirational for anyone who has been through extremely tough
times. That being said, I should mention that...

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Where Have I Been?
I am sure that if you are a reader of this blog then you
have noticed that a review has not been posted in several weeks. If you follow
this blog on Facebook then you have heard that I, Schwartz, have been going
through some life troubles through this time....

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Pin Money
Pin Money is an action packed thrilling novel rated at FIVE
STARS . From the very first pages, this book takes off fast. Full of
action. Full of suspense. It covers four short mysteries that center around
Grace and Suzie. I found that the novel provided a l...
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