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Arghya Samaddar
Law aspirant, Blogger
Law aspirant, Blogger
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Confused Generation: Declaration of Identity
The war on traditional values has created a lost, angry, confused generation What if one morning after we wake up, we wear a mask which is socially impressive, we wear the dress which is trending in the market and we go outside in a completely different for...

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Commentary on Sedition & response to Soli Sorabjee Column on the same
      Column of Soli Sorabjee:  Sedition law cannot be used against honest views, expressed peacefully       “T he duty of a true Patriot is to protect his country
from its government” – Thomas Paine  When
Thomas Paine was charged with sedition, in summer o...

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The new you.
Among the new roads to walk on, new airs to breath in, new clouds to float on, I saw you in a new you. I found you as a light-house in a lost ocean, defeating the waves, I was the lone swimmer, among your smiles, I was the lone thinker, among your hair curl...

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In this massive ocean like society days after days, the unsung heroes  are spitting their blood on their sweat and carrying their life to the next stage of life, I ask who will pen down the life of the young lover who drowned himself in tears ending up in u...

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Taste of Thoughts
The dingy lane with old friendly fragrance takes me to an unfamiliar known arena of thoughts, where seemingly justice smiles, where love cries with a mouth, where smiles are smiles build with nothing but, feelings, where the warm palm of an imaginative frie...

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Rays call the rising pebble, to shine all the way and roll not to stop, but to go and go, all long the way down the woods, to not settle, but to fly, despite the contradictions by your pals,  rise and rise to beat the characteristics, and establish your ter...

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The Game Plan
When the nights seem longer, without a slightest of other reason than, because it runs with the pace of hunger, the morning brings peace with a toiling plate of grains, These sums up to the opportunity for a demagogue, equally hungry and starving for decade...

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The Daring Winter
When the paths get covered by dense fog, when the sun sleeps a bit more, when the forests wear its new clothes, when the faded yellow light brings joy, And, when the yellow rays in the lush green woods splinter, The nature tells you, it's a new winter. Wint...

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The long gone days of the sweet fog, when comes, coupled with sunrise, it breaks the clamour of silence- into some thousand pieces of diamonds, I run to collect every piece, like an insane, hungry for freedom, I run right, I run left, I run all around to pi...
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