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My friends Paige Craig and Sean Percival on This Week in Startups´╗┐
news roundup.... with +paige craig +Sean Percival +Lon Harris +Tyler Crowley

1:00-2:00 It's News Roundtable Friday on TWiST!
2:00-3:00 Welcome to our guests Paige Craig of BetterWorks and Sean Percival, serial entrepreneur.
3:00-3:30 And Tyler Crowley is joining us from an undisclosed location.
3:30-5:30 Thank you to Carbonite for sponsoring the show. To get two free bonus months with your purchase, use the offer code 'TWiST' when you sign up at
5:30-7:45 Let's get to the first story: Groupon has amended their IPO filing after a metric they were using to calculate their profits was widely criticized. Is there any case to be made for why they used this metric?
8:15-9:45 What do you think, Sean?
9:45-10:00 Who are the losers here?
13:30-16:45 After eight years, the Walmart music download store is shutting down. Will anyone be able to challenge iTunes in this arena? (Read more about the story:
19:45-21:30 Next story: A German court issued an injunction baring sales of the Samsung Galaxy tablet in the EU. Is Apple's new move to block competitors? Or is this another patent reform issue?
23:45-25:45 Next story: Twitter is updating tabs to include @replies, when someone follows you, when someone favorites one of your Tweets and more. What does Sean, the social media expert, think?
25:45-26:30 Is Twitter finally catching up with Facebook and Google+ on their product releases?
27:30-28:30 Paige, what are you concentrating on for BetterWorks?
30:30-32:45 Thank you to MailChimp for sponsoring the show. For a free account that's always free, sign up at
32:45-36:15 Next story: Google+ is launching games integration. How important is it that they get games right? Will this kill Facebook?
36:15-37:45 Tyler demos the beta version of Google Offers.
40:00-41:30 It feels like Facebook is now out of their league.
41:30-44:15 Next story: Angry Birds maker Rovio is seeking a $1.2 billion valuation. Is this a reasonable goal for a company this size?
47:00-50:00 Next story: Hulu has announced plans to launch their subscription service in Japan. Is this where Hulu has always been heading? Is this going to further jack up the price?
55:15-55:45 Jason: Obama has been a terrible disappointment.
57:00-57:30 Paige: You could take plus prayer circles, we'd have pay-for-prayer worldwide.
57:30-57:45 Next story: The NYPD has opened a new social media unit to use Twitter, Facebook and other platforms to track criminal activity.
57:45-59:45 Next story: Klout has doubled its services. Paige says he's received resumes on which people list their Klout scores.
01:01:30-01:02:30 What is the new credit rating going to do for the economy?
01:02:30-01:03:45 Last story: Facebook has launched a separate app for mobile and inter-Facebook messaging. Is this just a knockoff of
01:03:45-01:04:00 This is why Mark Suster was right when he called Facebook the inter-not.
01:04:00-01:07:00 Paige, thank you so much for being on the show. How's BetterWorks going?
01:07:00-01:09:30 Sean, thanks for coming on the show.
01:11:30-01:12:00 Everyone thank MailChimp and Carbonite on their Twitter at @mailchimp and @carbonite.

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