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Mallikarjuna Kalika
baby are you breakfast? coz i miss you so often
baby are you breakfast? coz i miss you so often

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Lights out
(no idea why the search engine came up with this when I entered tube-light. maybe because of the halo) The previous tube light that had served me well for over
four months gave way way back in October. Then, I had tried to resuscitate it.
I twisted it, turn...

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Kolkata - I
My Kolkata trip last weekend was a slapdash affair. To begin with, I had made reservations in Ispat express, 2 nd seating. Reservation. 2 nd seating.  It is like claiming to have made prior reservations in a dhaba . Pretty useless, nobody gives a damn, and ...

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Statue of levity
‘Aaj Blue hai pani pani pani pani pani pani Aur hum hain horny horny horny horny horny horny’ “Fucking unbelievable man! Is the lyricist for real?”. Trying to figure out how a shitty sounding song can salvage
a movie’s foregone fortunes at the box office, y...

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New year resolutions for 2014
14 resolutions for 20 13 14 Smarten up to give my smartphone some competition. Tag 50-odd people in every pic that I upload on Facebook starting right from New Year's eve, hoping 20 people would be forced into liking it even though the rest of them cringe a...

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Contentious? Wrong. It is spelled contentment.
My mother would treat me and my sister one packet of bhel puri each on our way back home from the twice-or-thrice-a-week outing to the nearby
park in Mumbai. Packet is a catachresis, because I don’t know if a word exists
for the newspaper cut-outs that are ...

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Brace yourself, winter has come!
Boro-Plus hasn't yet made the official declaration regarding
winter.  But the fact that rukhe-sukhe-twacha-and-phate-honth ,
which roughly translates into bone dry skin than turns into a blackboard when
scratched, and lips that look like Indian roads, sugge...

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Odisha diaries
What happens in Odisha stays in Odisha. No, not as in Vegas. In fact, Odisha is as far removed from
Vegas as Manmohan Singh is from Dolly Bindra. The thing is that media houses do
not generally give a fuck about what is going on in the eastern state which i...

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24 fallacies of 24
   #24 #anilkapoor  
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