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Sunday is the last day of the Of Gods & Heroes Kickstarter, so if you were waiting to get involved, now's the time! In today's update, we do some character creation - what kind of Hero do you want to see next?

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The Of Gods & Heroes Kickstarter has passed the 50% funded mark as we head into the final week. Time for the final big push! We also discuss how experience and character advancement work in the latest update!

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The Of Gods & Heroes Kickstarter is trucking along, and we've got a few updates discussing the rules in more detail, including a post today about the flexible magic system - check it out if you're not already!

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On Monday, the Of Gods & Heroes Kickstarter launched and we've already passed 25% funded! If you like tabletop RPGs that emphasize fun and innovative stories full of action, take a look!  
Experience Mythic Adventure - Walk with gods, perform incredible feats, punch monsters in the face. Be a legend!
OGH encourages stories with the same over-the-top coolness and creativity that is embodied in the mythic storytelling tradition. The Kickstarter runs through May 18th, but some rewards are limited, so check it out today!
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