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Listening to Jack Garratt tonight at the Drawingroom. Absolutely amazing musical talent and what a voice! Album coming out soon and my goodness he is fantastic! 

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This is why, when decorating a new chemistry building you run your design ideas past someone who has at least looked up Lewis Structures on wikipedia maybe once before. How did this get past the design stage?! Is that a 5-valent carbon there, that's not even the worst error? Why yes!

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I thought this was excellent. The things you can do with Post It notes! Anyone who's been to the Apple site recently will recognise the image - the one taken for the cover of Jobs' biography.

Oh dear. I just threw a flippant comment out to +Wil Wheaton on one of his home brewing posts asking for advice on what fridge to buy, and unless my G+ is just not updating properly it looks to be the very first comment.

Colour me embarrassed! If I ever make it big I'll bump into Kevin Bacon or something at a party and he'll say "oh hey, you're that guy who made a flippant comment to Wil Wheaton, the man was simply trying to brew!"

These things will happen.

Edit: phew! Looks like it was just an updating issue - I am post number 908 or something.

What the hell was that Dr Who that just happened? Does the BBC have a clause in their contract about being obligated to kick start James Corden's career every few months?

They also appear to have relegated the cybermen to a cheesy cameo role with no threat whatsoever.

So, I totally just mended an old iPhone 3GS. Free upgrade!

Ok, so you fancy iPhone 4 users with your retina displays and flash on the camera will be chortling quietly to yourselves, but I've been using a 3G since it came out - this thing is so much faster!

The riots have migrated to Nottingham it seems, although it's hard to tell if it's not just a normal night in the St Annes area. If they move to Lenton tonight I am defending Fortune Boy with all I have. Perhaps I'll get free prawn crackers with my next order.

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This is just about the funniest thing I've read in a while. Just when you think it has delivered all it can, it gets better. The "future plans" in the added info at the bottom are classic. Also "mint green, just deal with it!" All ebay auctions should be like this!

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Hair, dyed. Thanks to Tash for helping out again.

I love Mac OS X sometimes. Time Machine is outstanding as a backup system (and it has saved my ass in a major way once before), but it only supports Mac-formatted volumes. I was looking for a way to back up my USB stick every time I plugged it into my Mac since I use it to move valuable data back and forth but it needs to be windows formatted.

I thought "hey, I wonder if Automator will do that for me?"
Of course it does! I added the "check for disk" action and then made a simple workflow by drag and drop, then saved it. Now when I mount my USB stick it copies any of the changed files over to a folder on my Mac, which is included in Time Machine backups.

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