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I see where you're coming from.  Opponents of fighting in hockey say that the enforcer takes up a slot that could be filled by a skill player, or your argument that it forces a penalty kill situation.

Proponents of fighting in hockey argue that it's a release valve for players, so we don't end up with someone making a serious run at someone like Crosby or Ovechkin or Stamkos or any other star player, removing them from the game on a longer basis than 2 minutes.

I think it should stay in the game, at least in some form.  It riles the fans up when their player is in a fight, more when their player wins, and can lead to huge momentum shifts, which makes the game more exciting.  But I can certainly see your point of view.  Reducing injuries is good, having penalties is bad.  

It looks like the NHL is leaning more towards the idea of making it so pointless that nobody does it, effectively banning it without saying in so many words.

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#IfIHadGlass I would be able to remember everyone that I meet.  There was a science fiction story (I think Heinlein?) where a politician had his minions record or otherwise remember every person that the politician met, even just to shake hands at an event.  Then, if the politician ran into them again, the minions would feed him over an earpiece information about that person, so that he could connect with them personally again, "Oh, yes, Betsy Johnson, we met at the Odeon after my speech about gun control!  Thanks for coming out again!"

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