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How many of you'll actually use Now on Tap and find it useful? Honestly I've barely used it, and when I tried it (on pictures) it gave nothing :/ it would be handy if it could give Google search results for pictures (like recognising faces in a picture)
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Never needed it
Tried using but didn't work
Very useful
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Works for me when something is written on the screen and I want a quick Google search on it, like movie or song titles, names of persons, other keywords.
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Has anyone else started seeing ads on Play Store search results?

The ad's not even related to my search term, unlike with ads on Google Search results 😕😕
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well its kinda common to see ads on playstore nowadays
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Anyone having this weird problem with Google Now reminders?

I mention (type, not speak) "at 11.55" at the end of the search and Google Now Reminder just adds 11.55 to the content of the reminder instead of detecting it as the time of the reminder. It used to work fine till maybe a couple of weeks ago.

Typing "11.55am" doesn't even save a reminder, instead directly goes into a Google Search :/
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+Sabeeshan Kulenthiran​ Alright awesome lol makes it really easy then. Cheers! 
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I need help o.o
Just received Lollipop on my G3.
Does anyone else who's got it feel like LG's gone a bit more closer to stock Android and thus a bit less customisable than it used to be?

-swiping up from the home button now only gives Google Now, no QuickMemo+, which used to be so handy for sending quick (edited) screenshots. Yes this can be done from the notification screen quick toggles, but having to touch the top left corner of a 5.5" screen isn't the most convenient option.
-Recent Apps screen looks like Stock Lollipop UI now, which is a waste of space and non-customisable, compared to the Recent Apps screen LG had, which was more useful and resizeable.
-battery saver is now non-customisable (like stock Lollipop), I can no longer control what happens when it goes into battery saver mode, I used to be able to control it in KitKat.

But thank my lucky stars I still have an ugly Contacts/Phone app and an even uglier set of emoticons, why not go stock with THAT LG?

Lollipop's still a good update, but little things like these are just smh
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Not to mention the new lockscreen is a total waste compared to lockscreen widgets that at least came in handy here and there 😣😤
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Listening to curry parents scolding is so entertaining when you're not the one at the receiving end :'D
My Moto X 2014 has horrible battery atm. I got the phone less than a month ago, so it can't be an aging battery.

Just 5.5hrs after full charge (with screen on-time of 2hrs 20mins) and the charge is down to 15%. 24% of the battery life is taken by "Android System" and "Android OS". What exactly do these 2 battery drain sources mean? And is the battery this bad with the Moto X 2014 for anyone else who has used this phone?
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On my moto x 2014, I get like 8 hours typically for my usage. No rooting or nothing. Maybe for your case it's an app. I know the battery ain't big from the get go, but I haven't had major battery drains at all.
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Anyone else experiencing horrible battery life on the LG G3? Here's a screenshot of my battery running out in 6hrs, with a screen on time of 40 minutes. "Android OS" and "Android System" are ALWAYS draining battery.

Doesn't help that the last update was just the 5.0 update a few months ago, and it doesn't look like the point update bug fixes for Lollipop will be reaching the G3. I wouldn't complain if it was working fine, but this battery life is a JOKE badly needing a fix.

Contacting LG support gives the usual "We are waiting for Google to prepare the update for us" automated oblivious reply.

Any suggestions for saving battery? I'll probably stick to Nexus or Motorola models in future just so issues like this will be quickly fixed with updates 😡😡.
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+Sabeeshan Kulenthiran mobile data would actually be used while you're on WiFi, but it would still be searching for a signal, so it uses battery. WiFi also uses battery when you don't have a WiFi connection, so it also uses battery when you're not using it. It's best to switch between the two instead of using both.

Another thing you can do is set WiFi to turn off when your screen goes off.

Settings> WiFi> dot menu (top right)> Advanced WiFi> keep WiFi on when screen is off> only when plugged in.
Also, you can uncheck allow WiFi scanning
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Google Services has been using a s***load of data in the last few days. Has anyone else had this problem?

52GB+ over WiFi and 330MB in one night over mobile data. My home WiFi is limited, and thus screwed up the rest of my month, and my mobile data just went over limit with 5 days remaining.

The excessive WiFi usage occurred around the time I switched on Google Photos syncing, but I always manually switched it off at home and switched it on only at uni on uni WiFi. And the content to be backed up was around 4GB, doesn't exactly explain using up 52GB. And I have no idea why it used up 330MB over mobile data. Plus, the settings don't give an option to block Google Services over mobile data, had to use Opera Max to block it.

Any idea why Google Services is draining this much data (besides the usual battery drain)?

Edit: according to my service provider, around 40GB of data was UPLOADED over my home WiFi :/
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+Brice Astruc​​ probably Google Photos, but WHY 52GB? The photos/videos to be uploaded were around 4-5GB, most of which were done over my uni WiFi (yet about 40GB was uploaded over my home WiFi according to my service provider)

+daire vickers​​ Play Store updates are not automatic on my phone :/ and I've edited my post to mention around 40GB was actually uploaded, not downloaded

+Amruth Pavan​​ besides Google Photos, nope.

I'm using a LG G3 on Lollipop btw.

And then there's the 300MB+ background mobile data usage that's given me an excess charge as well. Google Photos backups and account syncing are only set to occur over WiFi 😡😬😠
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Everyone's nuts over I the only one with a crush on Kirstie?

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Am I the only one disappointed with the G3 battery life? I expected phablet-like 2 day battery life but I just manage to make through one day with it :-(

The Contacts app and Phone app are really mehhh after using Nexus apps. It's also a real bummer very few apps support the dual screen & floating window features

Besides that, AWESOME phone.

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Architects? Don't they mean civil engineers? Or some type of engineer?
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