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I just joined Launchpad.  My startup is an app called LocalLedge.  We just hit 10K installs last week and things are progressing well. 

I joined Launchpad to network with others in the app startup world and to get mentor-ship and help with what I'm doing wrong inside my app.

LocalLedge is a communication tool that connects you with others around you through messaging boards.  Users can share messages, photos and videos at the local level.  You also have the ability to set your own distance for each Message board and lock it so only people inside that distance can engage. 

Attached is a video walkthrough covering more in-depth features of the app.

My major struggles:

1.  Developing App:  I'm not a developer but I have been doing digital marketing for 12+ years now.  From speaking with people way smarter then me I have come to realize I need a tech co-founder.  I've been on the hunt for 90 days.

2.  I know there are technologies I'm not taking full advantage of inside the app.  This is a VERY powerful communication tool with a wide range of pivot points.  There is not a single app out there that has the features LocalLedge has.  Still when it comes to properly sharing the app with friends and other tech barriers I'm not fully aware of all options for expanding feature sets and what feature sets should be made a priority.

3.  Mentor: I have interviewed and talked with around 20 people locally in MN who could be possible mentors for me.  I have not found that mentor with App experience as of yet and I'm still on the hunt.

Feel free to reach out to me and say hi.  I love feedback both good and bad.

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We have updated the Android version of the app which really rocks

You can download the latest version at

If you have not given it a rating yet please do.  We are almost at 10K downloads which is super exciting for us.

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LocalLedge is getting a big face lift in the next week or so.  We have a new material design in place that should greatly increase the look and feel of the app as well as improve ovrall performance.
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We are cutting off the beta version and have publically released LocalLedge in the play store.  Many features have been added in including a new UI.  As we finalize the features the beta version will be taken off line.

If you have not already.  Please uninstall the beta version and download the main public version from the play store at

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Great to see all the new beta testers.  Make a Ledge if you have not yet and start breaking stuff.

After you join the group you can go to

This will get you access to download the app.  You may need to wait a few minutes before you have access to download the app.

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Optin in for testing at

Click the above link and accept the terms.  Then you can download the app from the play store. You have to join the LocalLedge community page first to try out the beta.

After you have joined this community and have been granted access ( Sometimes it Takes a Few Minutes) you can visit the Google Play Store at and accept the TOS and then be able to download LocalLedge.  If you get a 404 error when clicking the above link, it means Google has not yet updated the backend to allow you access.  Just try again in another minute.

LocalLedge Beta is now open for initial testing.
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