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If you don't feel that your daily standups are effective, you really should read this.
Daily Standup meeting starting to feel like a bit of an old-school status report? Here's a few thoughts on saving it:

In my latest piece for

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For years I've been told "You MUST Read the Lean Startup" - Okay, Boss, I did.  Here's my analysis - - Of course, it's just one article, I'm happy to hear what I missed or how I got it wrong ... :-)

Dominion Systems is hiring! (Grand Rapids, MI)
Looking for strong entry & mid-level SW Dev w/experience or interest in the Microsoft .NET web stack (C#, MVC, Entity Framework, SQL,...). Great culture - employee focused, high trust, easy going. DM me if you or someone you know may be interested.

After reading this ( article in The Sydney Morning Herald (which was actually in the future, being that I read it on 1/13/13), I realized that +Chris Hardwick is somewhat of a real life Lewis Skolnick.

Back in the 80's, Nerds were always treated as outcasts. We were told that we should simply conform to be accepted. We were told that being into computers or gaming or whatever wasn't anything to be revered.

Well, that tide has been turning over the past decade or so, and Chris Hardwick is one Lewis Skolnick that is leading the charge (along with others such as +Felicia Day and +Wil Wheaton). As Chris is quoted in the article, there's something of "a land grab with nerd culture right now."

It seems that almost everyone is jumping on the bandwagon now to associate themselves in some way with Nerd culture. One side of me wants to resist it and tell the posers to get of my lawn, but that would be hypocritical because, to me, Nerd/Geek culture has always been about accepting everyone for who they really are, even if they are one of the "populars" who wouldn't give me the time of day years ago.

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