We have received many opinions and questions from the fans regarding the video of Minegishi's apology. I would like to add further explanations since the management hasn't fully expressed their explanation to your questions.

□ Why did you have to stream a video like this?

When we were in a hurry preparing for the streaming and we have received a report that Minegishi really wants to apologize personally with her hair shaved. We felt how strong her will and feeling towards AKB48 was, so we decided to stream the video as we planned.

□ Was it necessary to shave her hair?

It wouldn't be necessary even if you ask if it was necessary or not. It was just that Minegishi really wanted to convey how strong her feeling was.

□ Did anybody stop her from shaving her hair?

I heard that when she came out from the make up room, she had already shaved her hair. It seems that the staff beside her did stop her. However, I heard that she said that people might think of her as a fool, but she really wanted to put her reflection into action, so she cut her bangs using scissors without losing control over herself.

□ Isn't it unfair that the punishment for each of the members who had scandals were different?

It would be better if we can establish the same rule. However, we are experiencing a dilemma because it is difficult to conceive a common rule since each member is under a different situation.
For example, a member had been warned many times, but did not listen to anyone and created a scandal.
There was also a member who wanted to pursue her dreams and was about to plan on graduating when a scandal about her was exposed.
There was also a member whose past was discovered.
There was also a member whose scandal was not exposed, but still had a huge rule violation.
Please do understand that we have to make decisions with consideration to many circumstances.

□ There was a photo of Minegishi, which has been uploaded on the internet, where she looked like she was having fun with the first generation members. Did she really reflect on her actions?

Before the rehearsals of the theater performance of Team B, I saw Minegishi who came to apologize with an exhausted expression on her face, so I can say that she has reflected on her actions. At the same time, it seemed like she was trying her best not to make people around her feel worried. I think that is the reason why the members of the same generation as her were encouraging Minegishi who was feeling depressed.

We, the managing team, would like to support the members who are trying their best to pursue their dreams by having continuous discussion with them.

Tomonobu Togasaki
AKB Group Theater General Manager







□峯岸が初期メンと楽しそうにしている写真が昨夜 アップされたが、ちゃんと反省しているのか?



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It's heartbreaking to see Minami this distressed. I hope she gets all the support she deserves. 

Putting her back into Kenkyusei is depressing though. She is one of the best members and should be continuing her work in the media senbatsu. 
In the end, i'm not a fan of the drama and scandals, i'm a fan of miichan and the other girls. Whatever's done is in the past now, and I just want to support them as much as possible in the present and future.
I'm not a fan of AKB48, but I live here in Tokyo and couldn't avoid the news yesterday. The fact that AKB48 members have a chastity claus in there contract is sickening. What kind of loser would care if she has a boyfriend? The otaku's fantasy is selfish and discussing. Not a single one has a chance of ever having a real relationship with any of these girls. These girls deserve a real life.

Being that I live and work in Japan, I know that she would not of cut her hair by her own choice, you would of put pressure on her to make her feel that it was the only she could stay a member. You are a sick sick man whom sexually fantasies about you girls, hence your idea of making them look like high school girls.

Lastly, if this was just a publicity stunt, it shows you there is no limit to your lust for money. You are a sick sick fuck.
Also, if this was 
^ BUT THAT WAS HER CHOICE to shave her hair! it's up to her whether she want to punish herself or not, and nobody puts pressure on her! i'm just an ordinary fan who don't give a fvck when they're not on stage, the only thing i do care is their performance on stage as idols. period.

and one more thing, not all the fans are like what you did say as losers, we also have real life dude. this is just our usual recreation to release our stress. just like when you watch movies in cinema, we also watch their performance in theater, that's it, and as you exit from the theater, back to real life.
+Raka Diwakara S D  What makes you think it was her choice? Were you there?  How many girls do you know that are very conscious of their appearance whom would cut there own hair without the pressure of somebody else making them to do so?  That's right nobody.  She chose to cut her hair because she feared being kicked out of the group like others before her. Regardless of what statements are released, she did it out of fear of being kicked out of the group and to appeal for the forgiveness of some selfish loser fans that had their masterbatory fantasy ruined by the "scandal."

Also, what kind of groan adult wants to listen to this kind of music?  There is so much better music out there by REAL ARTISTS.  These girls don't write the music, choreograph the dances, or even pick their hairstyles.  It's all carefully calculated by a marketing team.  If you are only 12 or 13, then I understand, but if you are older, you really need to grow up and listen to more mature better music or you are just drooling over what should be an embarrassing fantasy.

If you are looking for better music performed and written by real artists, this is a good place to start. http://pitchfork.com
no, i wasn't there, i didn't live in japan, and not a japanese. that scandal was for sure put her under pressure, but shaving her hair was purely her own decision. honestly i felt shocked when she already got her hair bald on the video, it's over reactive.

kicked out? not always

hey they've got a lot 30++ years old fans, do you think it's wrong or abnormal? come on dude it's just a hobby, get easy with it. fantasy/delusion? it's up to them, i don't care. so why you have to worry on them? are you feel threatened with their wild fantasy?

ARTIST and IDOLS are two different things. it's not apple to apple comparison.

i like some rock/post hardcore bands as well.
I think I remember reading that 3 or 4 other members have been kicked out for the same thing. 

The fact that they have 30+ year old fans says a lot about those fans right?  I mean, the songs are written for 12 to 13 year olds.  People that like this kind of stuff and don't listen to more mature music really are failing at life. Also, whenever they show their concerts on TV, it's only fans well over 20 and mostly older than 30.  Most likely they are forever alones.

I also don't worry about them, but this is about women's rights.  Decent laws for the workplace for all women.  Not being able to have a relationship because of your job should be illegal.  Any fan that is upset if they have a girlfriend should kill themselves.  They're life is too much of a failure to repair. LOL!

Artists right and perform music.  Idols are a product of a marketing team targeted at losers.  Why any adult would waste their time on this terrible music/fantasy is beyond me.

Basically, there are plenty of girls out there that are just as pretty and even prettier than AKB48 girls and they are not famous.  Why not just go up to one and try your luck and see what happens.  Then maybe these fans can have a relationship with these kind of girls they like.  Fantasizing is just wasting your life over something that will never happen and missing those years where you could of done something to actually meet a nice girl.
there's no correlation between being a fan and being a loser. your argument is invalid. seems that you assume all of the fans are typical of perverts who have a stupid impossible dream to date those girls, what a narrow minded guy you are.

i tell ya, most of 25++ fans are married men. i know some of those dudes. so once again your argument is invalid

in addition, i have seen a japanese man along with his wife and children watch JKT48 (AKB's sister in jakarta) theater performance. did you expect that guy to have a fantasy to date the idols? LOL HAHA

come on, this is just for sake of having common recreation like attending cinema, nothing more, nothing less
+Lisa Powell Graham If you work for this guy you obviously don't care about women's rights in Japan.  This guy sees women as second class.
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