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Tomonobu Togasaki (English page)
Hi everyone! I am the general manager of AKB48 Theater in Akihabara. I am also involved in many projects of AKB48.
Hi everyone! I am the general manager of AKB48 Theater in Akihabara. I am also involved in many projects of AKB48.

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It was sunny today, and it really gives off a great feeling. We are all sharing the same feeling in Yuko's grand moment.


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It's my first time to watch the General Election from the audience seat.
I thought about myself, and I have the same feeling of anticipating the results with all the fans who voted for them.
The names that were called do not solely depend on how hard the members worked for it.
I want them to grow as individuals who feel grateful towards their supporters and believe in themselves.


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The theater performances will resume today. I was watching the performance of Takahashi's team A without Iriyama and Kawaei, and I felt that rather than continuing what happened in the past, it is important to learn from it and do our best in living as we move forward to the future. It is all because of the fans' warm cheers and applause. I sincerely feel more gratitude because different things happen everyday. The second chapter of the real meaning of AKB48 Group will start today. Please continue to support them from now as well!!

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All the staff in charge for the event are currently having a meeting at a new booth in order to assure the safety of all the fans and members who will be gathering in the "MESSE" today.
We are very sorry to make you worry, but for the safety of everyone, please don't go to the event venue ahead unless we already make a notice about it!!

Please wait for our instruction!!


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It was already posted in the comments, but our main priority is to take care of the members' feelings and it won't be changed.
We are very thankful for all your warm concerns.


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I have an information to all the fans regarding the incident that occurred during the handshaking session in Iwate yesterday.
Before that, I sincerely apologize for yesterday's incident that have caused the members and fans to experience this sad and terrible memory as a staff engaged in the management and system constructed for the handshaking session.

The detailed report about this incident is stated below.

Regarding the incident, the offender who had no bag suddenly attacked Iriyama and Kawaei on the 6th lane by taking the sharp weapon from his jacket and slashed them.

The staff beside them tried to protect the members by taking the weapon from the offender, but the offender shook him away and attacked Kawaei and Iriyama.
Kawaei and Iriyama had hand and head injury, and the staff who risked his life to protect them had hand injury as well.
They were immediately accommodated by all the doctors after being transported to the hospital and undergone operation, but they are conscious so there is nothing to worry about.

We arranged this project for the public with a concept of "meeting the idols" which we call "handshaking session" that is being valued by the members and staff, so we felt strong resentment for this terrible incident to happen. However, we have to make a radical resolution to prevent this kind of incident to happen again.
I think that many fans who have heard about yesterdays' incident are worrying about what will happen from now, but our current priority is to consider the members' feelings while planning to create an environment where this kind of incident will never happen again. We will be working hard to hold an event where the venue will be filled with overflowing smiles from the members and fans.

Please continue to support the AKB48 Group.





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Regarding the usage rules for the trading area in the photo session venue today, we would like to apologize to have caused trouble to many people for the announcement of complete replacement on the actual date.
We want everyone to enjoy trading, so we made some changes.
We will be introducing the mail lottery system beforehand on June 1, and will schedule a complete replacement for three hours.
It may cause health problem to fall in line early in the morning, and unfortunately, there may be other people who interrupt the lines, so we want to introduce this system as trial.
We will create a pleasant environment with due respect to all the fans' cooperation and understanding.
Please continue your support!!

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The questions and answers that were given at the all group General Managers' Room today were categorized according to their respective groups, and will be presented in the Customer Center. The things to be considered as well as the decisions made will be visible to all the fans.
Please continue to support them.


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We placed a reference box in the theater handshaking session today!! We are looking forward to your suggestions.


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We got 700 items from the suggestion box this week. Thank you.
We will be answering those questions starting today.
Also, we are still going to sort out the answers, pending questions, and changes implemented.
We will attend to it "one step at a time" so that we won't hear anything such as "Still nothing has changed even though it's already been said."
There are concerns which are experimentally introduced as well, so we will be waiting for further suggestions!!
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