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Summertime [And the Livin' is Easy]
[Uh, it's August? Already?  Wasn't it June, like, yesterday ? I'm pretty sure we were all just starting to enjoy our summers ... and then I turn around to find that the stores are threatening us with Back to School Sales.  Say, wha ... ?!?!?] Hi. My name's ...

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Computer Thief ... Or, Why It's Helpful to Have Lots of Browsers
[We interrupt this broadcast to tell you about this awesomeness in a jar: Trader Joe's Lemon Curd. Put it on toast and enjoy with a cup of Tea. Earl Grey. Hot. Or drizzle over plain yogurt, then toss in some sliced almonds and dried cranberries. Better yet,...

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Stalking PAX Prime
Last night, I was all settled in for a lovely semi-marathon of BBC's London Hospital . Little Guy was down for the count. The house was reasonably clean. And Mr. Dude was out with friends to watch the new Captain America movie. [As an aside, I was supposed ...

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Awkward Family Photos and

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[The title is an onomatopoeic reference to me gasping for air after
drowning in the ocean that is buying a home and moving into it ... all with one
very wiggly and mobile Little Guy and a Mr. Dude who is working overtime right
now.] That's right, people. We...

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Nostalgia in the News
If Mr. Dude had his way, there'd be a giant arcade game - or multiples - somewhere in our home, with a library of all the best titles from days gone by. For now, he's stuck with an emulator on his original Xbox, the arcade library on the Xbox 360, and his d...

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For the Love of Free Shipping
Some days, I literally have to tell Mr. Dude to stop talking. No, I'm not being the mean wife who hates hearing what her husband has to say. And yes, I listen to my husband talk a LOT. Because my husband can literally talk a LOT. Sometimes, I just have to t...

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Reasons for Pursuit
Mr. Dude is what you might call "persistent". Before we started dating in college, the story goes [no matter what he may tell you], he pursued stalked me. You heard me. He'd somehow manage to show up wherever I was, whether he was invited or not. If our pat...

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Mommy Brain > Math Fail
Mr. Dude and I often debate about lots of things, particularly Washington vs. California, since those are our respective birth places. Maybe "mock each other about our respective birth places" is more accurate. Don't worry - it doesn't mean our marriage is ...

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Scott Pilgrim vs. Stephanie ... and Spaceteam won.
Friends of ours came over this last weekend to enjoy some dinner and good ol' fashioned fellowship. The husband needed to borrow a router [and of course  Mr. Dude had an extra one] and some troubleshooting in setting it up for whatever project he had going ...
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