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Find People on Google+
Find People on Google+


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Check out Google+ Detailed Demographics Report - just released.
Google+ Demographics Report - 90 million users broken down, sliced and diced.

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Awesome! Google+ users on Santa's delivery route around the World, visualized on a globe

+New Design Launched - October 20, 2011

We launched a complete redesign of FindPeopleOnPlus - many great new features like Twitter2Plus, LinkedIn2Plus, improved search with suggest feature and much much more.

And, we're indexing over 31 million Google+ profiles. Discovering interesting people on Google+ has never been easier and more enjoyable.

Post has attachment Launches! - September 2011

After launching a slew of Google+ related web services (,, Twitter2Plus, Live Google+ Post Stream) we are happy to launch (in BETA) PlusClout - a measurement of influence on Google+.


What is PlusClout
PlusClout is the measurement of influence a user has on Google+. It is a number between 0 and 100.

How is PlusClout Calculated
We're all new to Google+ and our formula is still evolving. Based on the data from our sister site, FindPeopleOnPlus.con, we have crunched over 15 million public Google+ profiles and items shared (posts, comments, +1's etc.).

The PlusClout score is based on numerous public variables like number of followers, frequency and volume of information sharing etc. Mix in some mathematics and you have a PlusClout score.

Enjoy and discover great people to add to your Google+ circles based on their PlusClout. Launches! - September 2011

Findpeopleonplus is going strong!

But we've also been busy working on another great tool, this time to help find interesting posts on Google+.

Try it out

Connect with great people based on what they share on Google+. There are 9,164,370 posts in the index and organized by the refinements. Have a go at it and let us know what you think, keeping it mind, we're still in Beta.

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Google+ Post LiveStream - September 2011

We're pretty excited about this - Google+ Live Post Stream - "Voice of the Followed and Active on Google+". This is cool. Live Post Stream of the most influential people on Google+.

The Google+ Live Post Stream based on Google+ users that have greater than 500 followers and frequently share. Enjoy people watching and give us your feedback.

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Google+ Infographic - September 2011

We now have 14,536,129 Million Google+ users indexed! That's huge, and the number of site visitors keep growing and growing.

To celebrate this milestone, we're realising an Inforgraphic poster for your viewing pleasure. Study it, share it, print it out and make a poster of it. The numbers are really interesting..

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Twitter2Plus - Connect with your Twitter friends on Google+ - August 2011

Today we launch Twitter2Plus - a great way to find your Twitter friends and followers on Google+.

Simply insert your twitter handle into the search field and we do the rest. Goto
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