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The Judicial Dictators of the Federal Court
The Constitution of the United States for the United States of America was penned in simple understandable English for a purpose.
The purpose is that all may read and comprehend the Constitutional Limitations
and Prohibitions imposed upon a Federal Governan...

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  “Everything will change , everything has changed” [1] By Kenneth A. The closing scene of Mel Gibson’s
movie “The Patriot” became real life during the early Morning of November 9,
when Hillary Clinton’s subordinate, John Podesta, stood on the Jacob K. Javi...

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The American Revolution November 2016
Far too many folk
become mired in the local arena argument of political party disunity, which
obfuscates the issues sitting on the floors of the State and Federal
legislature. In 2011, with the
support of the Grassroots in the local arena throughout the Sta...

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The Major “spineless” News Media in the United States of America has failed to share the fact that an Islamic Radical Terrorist Nut case rolled into Kabul on this day, July 23, 2016 to blow himself up, amongst innocents. This carnage has taken the lives of ...

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The Beacon of Liberty
The Progressive push for establishing the National Socialists' One World Order dates back to the closing days of the 19th Century. The first formal step was the "Hague Convention of 1899", followed closely by the second Treaty Convention of 1907. Enter the ...

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Good ole Progressive Politics, where the lie is the truth, and the truth is discounted as the lie.

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"Open Internet" a Statutory Monopoly by administrative decree
Net Neutrality is in reality Crony Capitalism which diminishes by administrative degree the Liberty of a Free Market. Crony Capitalism is the fiscal root of National Socialism. National Socialism by implementation empowers the Federal Communications Commiss...

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Net Neutrality is in reality Crony Capitalism regulated by administrative decree. Crony Capitalism is the fiscal root of National Socialism.  National Socialism was best described by Newt Gingrich for what it truly shall be, Bureaucratic Socialism. National...

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Rent Seekers
The Michigan Film
Subsidies goes a long way to explain the condition of OUR highways and Byways
here in the lands of the Wolverine. OUR private wealth
redistributed by legislative decree to "crony capitalists" was
defined in the Economist ’s March 15, 2014 ...

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Bipartisan Deception, the Progressives' Big Lie
HB 5477 shows the political arrogance of the
Majority leader of the State Senate who knowingly crosses the aisle to
potentially impose a billion dollar fuel tax increase on Michiganders just
eight days after the midterm election. There is no “funding crisis...
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