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Joplin Taylor
Im a live and let live person.
Im a live and let live person.

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You painted a pretty picture wrote your words in erasable ink told a delightful story making promises you couldn't keep such beautiful lies the perfect tears your cried they weren't even your own borrowed from someone else's sorrow you're not unique spill y...

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Darling Soul
Laugh and dance shake it up twist a new fate smile and nod wish it away splash away the pain here we are where we've been for so long the story seems new I look at you I only see what I want to see nothing looks the same the stories grow the lies still told...

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I wish someone would pay me $1,100. To go away.... And I could take that money and leave every responsibility that I signed up for, go stay with a friend keep the nice phone that was also bought for me... Oh and the Xbox one and have no real bills or responsibilities.... Then I remember... Shit I don't use people...

Vegas bound!!!!!!!!

thinking.. stuck inside my own head. No place to stay. I don't know what hurts more - my first thanksgiving with out my son or the fact that I got a text that made me remember what I've been fighting to forget for the last few weeks... 

If it starts with a lie and ends with a lie it's pretty safe to say it was all a lie. When you spend your time lying to the person you say you love, you create a wall of distrust that cannot be broken down.

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Pit of my stomach
Devastation Fills the silence It whispers in two voices The words repeat Over and over Rewind and replay There is no quiet now My dream shattered so casually To indulge your sense of self satisfaction Listen to my shaking voice The tears that scream your na...

you cannot change what you refuse to confront.
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