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Dear +Matt Cutts,

I have enjoyed the successful launch of Google+ but sadly it has come to my stream attention already that so-called social media experts have set up pages for their business, as well as several companies who have already joined.
I am talking profiles such as +The Next Web ., +Mashable - and also brands such as Ford Motor Company and MTV India.

While I do understand that pages for businesses are needed and might come at some point, I do hope that the Google+ team will be loyal to its own Guidelines ( and ban these accounts since I do particularly enjoy the experience of a spam free Google+.

In all honesty I am also looking forward to the option of pages for businesses since I am web publisher myself and have several clients as well, but I would like to see rules being enforced before the actual Google+ experience suffers f your typical social media expert who thinks every platform needs to be abused, regardless of ToS.

I do hope you will collaborate and when users do report profiles of brands, no matter how big the brand or website and how popular the page, these profiles will subsequently be deactivated until the pages option for businesses is available.

CC: +Gabe Mercado, +Jim Ayson, +Others.
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@Franny Dev, that exact same thing made Mybloglog totally unenjoyable.
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