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Putting it all together for you . . .
Putting it all together for you . . .

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Create Your Free Account Now!
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Get Your Promo Full Region 65000 SQM 15000 Prims For 1 USD!

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Are you a builder or developer and can not afford the high rental costs to get the large amount of prims you need to build anything?
Well now you don't need to worry. Come and join us as this new virtual world
You can rent a region with 15000 prims for as little as 10US$ per month.
Yes that price is correct you will even receive a small cash gift when you join to enable you to buy your first avatar skin.
Let me be honest here guys, the place is not buzzing with people but that can sometimes be an advantage.
How many times have you tried to build something and then the im start coming thru disturbing you.
This place gives you a great starting point in which to do your own thing and learn to do stuff along the way.
All uploads are free so no need to worry about the costs of textures and stuff.
There is a freebie mall that is packed with all the stuff you would need to help you.
So there is only one thing left for you to do, sign up log in and start to make your dream world.
Please feel free to add me Sorin Todis as a friend when you log in.

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I see peace and quiet ...

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