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Are stories just data with soul? The importance of telling stories when delivering research findings in order to get action and people's attention

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The more forward thinking businesses out there realise that in times such as these that you have to be strong for your staff and carry them with you and they, in turn, will support you.

In order to build loyalty and engage your workforce, follow these 5 steps that are most closely correlated with staff satisfaction:

1. Start from the top and give confidence to those that you are leading as well as live the company values (especially senior management)
2. Give peace of mind about the future of the company so staff have belief!
3. Listen - and show your employees that you care
4. Don't take advantage of your employees - their well being is of utmost importance so treat everyone fairly
5. Allow managers the autonomy to do just that....manage but also support their team to enable them to fulfil their true potential

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When delivering research we have always known the importance of story telling. I think Infographic is similar in that it allows the viewer to join in the process of interpretation, too.

The link below includes an interesting video from Francesco Franchi that all researchers should adhere to when presenting information

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At B2B International we are constantly being asked to plug the analytical skills gap by our clients. Whether 'big data' is hype or not (we have always had to mine large amounts of data) one thing that is certain is that it is crucial for any researcher worth their salt to have the capability of mining valuable insights from large data files and that is why statisticians will be in greater demand in the future

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B2B Branding Book (Free To Download)

There have been millions of words written on the subject of branding, but they nearly all relate to consumer products and markets.

This is hardly surprising in the light of the megabucks spent on brands by firms like Coca-Cola, Campbell’s, McDonald’s and Levi’s. However, for most managers of businesses, the strategies of the branding gurus are as remote as the sums of money which the big brands spend on advertising. A manufacturer of printing presses in Manchester, a supplier of automotive components in Birmingham or an office equipment supplier in London will find little relevance in the branding theories because they are not written with them in mind.

This new e-book is written for managers whose customers are other businesses. Their products (or services) are not consumed in the High Street but are bought by other companies to help in their own output. This is the field of industrial and business-to-business marketing. This book has been written to show that branding is as appropriate for a company pressing metal pieces as it is for Pepsi Cola. It will work for a manufacturer of industrial hose just as it does for Honda. In fact, branding is working already for industrial companies but not with the efficiency it could. Many industrial companies have customers they have supplied for years. These loyal customers buy more than products; they buy trust, friendship, reliability and any number of other intangibles which have a value

Free to download from link below:

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SMEs constitute a great opportunity wherever you are in the world eg with over 4.5 million companies in the UK this equates to around 50% of total UK GDP and this cannot be ignored!

More and more of our clients are waking up to this fact as it can be very lucrative but challenging if you don't have the correct market knowledge and marketing strategy

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In today's modern world, differentiation is everything and in most business to business markets that are heavily commoditised the brand is a key way of standing out from the competition.

In business to business markets brands have been ignored for too long - Make sure you know how much your brand is worth!

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The importance of market intelligence when targeting your customers more effectively
Meet The Boss At B2B International

Nick Hague, Director of B2B International, talks to Meet The Boss TV about the importance of market intelligence, how to build your market position using market research and how to target your customers more effectively.

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Give me time to think!

Is it me or do we ever get any time to ourselves these days? Whether it is the constant ringing of calls, texts and emails from our phones and laptops telling us we have new mail/messages through to the relentless streaming of information via the media/social media – I feel like I never get time to think! When do we ever get any time to think creatively?

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The role of marketing in driving the business, and the need to have nailed down a robust and well thought out business strategy to underpin your marketing, has never been greater. To achieve results and demonstrate their impact on the bottom line, business marketers need to embrace new and innovative strategies and tactics to engage with their customers (and stakeholders) and integrate them into their existing approaches.

Technological developments and economic challenges have fundamentally changed the way business marketers do business and the shift in power to the consumer has had a profound impact on moving from a push to listen/nurture/respond approach.

I am speaking at the IDM 2012 Business Marketing conference about “Taking account of global cultural differences and understanding the complexities of international expansion”. On the day, I will also be joined with other speakers including:
• Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Mubaloo
• Chief Marketing Officer, Psion
• Marketing Director, Reed Business Information
• Head of B2B Marketing, KLM
• UK and Ireland Brand Manager, IBM
• Head of SME Business Marketing, 02UK

To understand what the new b2b world looks like in 2012, the new values that hold true and the new customer rules in b2b marketing come along on the 24th May 2012 at the Commonwealth Club in London
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