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I appreciate I am one of thousands of members here and I cannot dictate how you use this group.

But I find it so frustrating when every single post is a poll saying "should I buy an iPhone SE". "Should I buy an iMac 21 or 27".

The questions are not an issue, it is the lack of detail that is so frustrating. Should you buy an iPhone SE?! Who could possibly know without a background about you, your usage, budget etc.

Which iMac? I don't know. But I maybe able to advise if you were to give more detail on what you use it for. What your budget is. What you currently use. What you plan to use it for etc.

Sorry for the little rant, I just feel the constant barrage of polls without any detail are frustrating. 

Jesus, Google Plus should be renamed Google fucking polls. My news feed is full on nonsense polls. "Which phone is best". "Which phone should I buy". I don't fucking know, whichever one you bloody want? Morons. 

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Fun at the dog park with the Snow Dogs 😍. #snowdog #husky #puppy 
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Hey guys, I'd love your opinion from a UI/UX perspective. Based on this screenshot, how would YOU turn off the buying of leads, when you go on holiday? 

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I watched the Apple event, which began with my jaw dropping at the new Macbook. It's breathtaking.

I was then left utterly confused by the fact they've kept the MacBook Air. Seems like a monumental mistake IMO.

Then I was left confused and disappointed at the Apple Watch pricing. The sport, which I don't want as I want a metal strap starts at £299, not too bad. But then the watch starts at £479 just because of a change of materials? And I'm guessing the male size is gonna be £499?

Don't even get me started on the watch edition. Fairly pathetic.

After being certain id be getting an Apple watch, I now don't know. The only model I could justify buying is the sport and I don't really want that because of the bands and the non-sapphire display.

Anybody else left feeling disappointed?

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Brilliant info for all snowdog owners!
It's here guys. Brand new 5 part series; The Snow Dog Appropriate Diet. We cover everything from ingredients, kibble, raw food and the fussy eater. At the end of this series, you should have all the knowledge you need to improve your snow dogs diet.
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