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James Thompson

new computer.  new install of the latest encompass360 as admin.  Encompass works perfect as admin ...can print Custom Forms (Word 2010 and Adobe .pdf work fine), can preview custom forms (Word 2010 and Adobe .pdf work fine).  HOWEVER, when i log in as a standard domain user, Everything in Encompass works fine except printing.  As a user I can usually print preview (but after a few times it freezes the computer), I can't print custom forms directly at all and it freezes Encompass completely, and printing to the eFolder does nothing at all ... no spinning circle, no pop-ups, no nothing.  After I Ctrl-Alt-Del and end task Encompass when i open word up then voila all of a sudden I either get a message that "normal.docx" is being used by another program (Encompass) and cannot open or save, or Word opens up and lets me print preview the documents i was trying to either preview or print.  I am using IE9, not 10 or 11, I have pop-up blockers off, no antivirus, and I have run the Remove UAC recommended solution a dozen times with no results.  But, then all i have to do is reboot and log on as an Administrator and voila everthing works fine ... preview, print, and efolder.  Please help!  Thanks, James

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