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Mason Jones

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Flying the Coop(er)
In the Jungle of BHS there is no species more bewildering than that of a Cooper. From Momma Cooper to MBC, these creatures continue to intrigue and astonish us day after day. From barely legal bonfires to stints as prima ballerinas, the Cooper girls know ho...

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Well folks it's the monday after. Gallons of teenage sweat and glow-stick residue have been washed down the shower drain, but the shame still remains. This blog post will most likely be a short one due to the fact that what happens at blacklight stays at bl...

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A Story of Stephen
Despite the fact that he is the son of a man who probes penises for a living, Stephen Aguilar has turned out fairly normal. This 16 year old has somehow escaped years of therapy and walks the halls of BHS with a smile upon his face and sockos upon his feet....
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