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Anyone know the best way to communicate between nested fragments in a ViewPager? I have a parent fragment hosting two children in a ViewPager, but my app crashes (in a weird way) if I add them to a childfragmentmanager.

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Ridiculous. Thankfully the article features a sensible person that doesn't instantly cave to any and all complaints.

As an English teacher in Japan, I've heard too many stories from coworkers about parents complaining about various non-issues such as this, and the schools give in every single time.

#japan   #standupforsomething

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Going to Split and Dubrovnik. 

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#ifihadglass  I would get rid of my current setup.

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I don't understand any of this, but I'm going to try to implement it into my measurement conversion app anyway.

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Good article about the startup scene and entrepreneurship in Finland. Though, I wouldn't say the Aalto Venture Garage (now Startup Sauna) is a "dilapidated warehouse" anymore, especially since it was just renovated.
  #startups   #entrepreneurship   #Finland   #arcticrumour
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