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Live and Learn: How Big Data and Machine Learning Power the Internet

This week, Stanford University hosted the NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts (NAIC) 2014 Symposium. As part of NASA's Space Technology Mission Directorate (, the NAIC supports early studies of visionary concepts that may enable new missions or advances for use in NASA's future missions.

+Peter Norvig, a Director of Research at Google and former Head of NASA Ames's Computational Sciences Division, was on hand to present Live and Learn: How Big Data and Machine Learning Power the Internet

In the talk, Peter provides a qualitative overview of the different ways in which data enables machine algorithms to classify, learn, and discover information, allowing advances in fields such as Natural Language Understanding (NLU), machine translation, computer vision, and more.

After the ~30 minute talk, Peter stayed for a Q&A session with the audience, fielding questions covering topics such as online education (MOOCS), speech recognition, neural networks, and theoretical use of statistical models to radically different applications. 

The presentation begins at the 21:20 mark of the recorded livestream, linked below, with the Q&A session beginning at starting at ~47:50. To learn more about the NAIC, visit
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James Tryand

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a nice concise slice of venn sql goodness
Brilliant chart for wrangling SQL!

(h/t +Robert Miller)
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THIS looks to be along the lines of what google have been buying up robotics companies for.
Space Exploration with Biologically Inspired “Soft-Body” Robots

Recently, Google hosted Senior Robotics Researcher +Vytas SunSpiral of the Dynamic Tensegrity Robotics Lab, part of the Intelligent Robotics Group at NASA Ames Research Center. During his visit, Vytas presented Refactoring Space Exploration with Soft Machines, exploring the latest research in biologically-informed robotic design.

By looking into the physical mechanisms of vertebrate physiology, researchers are actively investigating tensegrity ( models of robotic construction, where a continuous network of soft tissues distributes primary load paths. Also discussed are oscillatory control mechanisms, in which synchronization of various sensors and mechanisms are at the focus, in contrast to the binary, process oriented paradigm of traditional Computer Science programming.  

Tensegrity models offer the advantage of lightweight structures that experience little or no shearing forces under a load, offering a high strength to weight ratio while minimizing points of local weakness. The development of “soft machines” that are controlled via biologically inspired methods may allow for the construction of robots suitable for environments subject to changing relationships to gravity and unforeseen obstacles, enabling new methods of planetary landing and exploration.

To learn more, watch the video below.
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James Tryand

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Since there are (still) no official npm packages for +AngularJS, I've pushed all released versions as branches to a GitHub repo for use with npm:

Each branch (version) has a readme with a command you can copy/paste, such as:

npm install --save-dev

or, since npm loves GitHub, you can shorten it to:

npm install DanTup/angular-builds#1.2.14 --save-dev

This is really useful, if (like me) you're pulling Angular from a CDN for your app, but need a local copy of it to use in your Karma tests. By installing it as an npm module, you don't need to commit the whole thing to your repo and can use "npm install" to restore/update later.
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James Tryand

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An interesting and highly worthy project
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